Guess resistance because it is a metal alloy

Guess what made more types of armor bronze? Bronze is always helping people even people that dont have money if you can find some bronze it is going to be worth at least 2,000$. I said that because it’s true but i have a question for you when did the bronze age start. It started 3500 B.

C.  it really saved china. Most of the people in the war where wearing bronze and metal. Ancient china and bronze got real famous when they started to trade with other civilizations.              Copper and tin make it look like bronze. Bronze age-was a period when people used bronze for tools and weapons.

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 It followed the same age,when stone. Was the chief material. It When iron tools became widespread, the Bronze Age ended and the iron Age began. Bronze is used for statues china invented it on accident they were really trying to make some gunpowder. The gunpowder is one thing that helped make bronze.

Gunpowder is used to make bronze just like copper and tin.           Then they started to trade the bronze for things more valuable like gold,silver,clothing,and food. Bronze stopped being used when the iron age begin. The stone age really sent bronzes popularity down.

Bronze should have been popular for million of years bronze was like china’s favorite thing.Historical  pieces were often made of brasses and Bronze with different compositions,modern museum and scholarly description of older objects increasingly and is used for money and is used for many armor and things we need for battle.         Bronze has a good resistance because it is a metal alloy consisting mostly of copper,usually with tin as the main additive,but sometimes with other elements such as phosphorus,manganese,aluminum,or silicon. Melts at about a 956 centigrade but depends on as much tin as it can get.

They made bronze around 3500 B.C. was the first sign of bronze getting used the ancient sumerians started to appear in the tigris Euphrates valley in western Asia.   Bronze was mostly used for battle,and money swords were used in battle and it was not created by bronze but it made it stronger. Bronze made many people rich instead of poor it was really useful that it saved most people from dying like if bronze was never made there armor would be weak and easy to get killed so it was a good thing they made bronze. Bronze got real popular when the bronze age started. The bronze age is when people celebrate things like when the stone age started. The bronze age was like their favorite tradition in tell they discovered stone.


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