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Growing up using various forms of technology on a daily basis has intensified my passion and appreciation for the impact of Information Technology in our daily lives. Whilst some people may regard gamers and computer-savvy individuals as “lazy” and “lacking a successful future” I admire their ability to analyse and process at a remarkable speed. I believe that Information Technologists possess skills that are essential for the growth of the technology sector such as being efficient whilst under pressure, having analytical minds, and being capable of multitasking effectively.Completing the Higher National Diploma has taught me to write at a Level 5 standard and has prepared me for a Level 6 standard at University. I am confident that completing the HND has taught me valuable and crucial skills to allow advancement to University. I have studied both the inside of computer programmes and the outside of physical systems. The course required me to learn three programming languages – JAVA, Python and C#.  Also, I have learned how to use and design databases for use in different environments. Additionally, I have gained knowledge on e-Commerce and the systems within a business, broadening my knowledge not only on computers but on the general business side of computing in a work based environment. Project based topics have advanced my skills to work as a team and present my research accurately and professionally. I am currently in the process of completing work experience with a photography company to design a website independently and implement a program which will allow customers to book appointments via the website. I aim to further develop my skills through this experience for example working independently, using my initiative, and staying goal-oriented while working under pressure.In my personal life I have been committed to the sport of Athletics since the age of 10. As a committed Welsh athlete I firmly believe that healthy living results in a productive individual. Consequently, I strenuously work out and train every day, both in the gym and on the athletics track. It has become clear to me that exercise heightens my work ethic and allows me to achieve more academically. My determination and drive has meant that I have been chosen to compete for my country five times in Long Jump and Sprint Hurdles. I have been ranked in the top ten in the UK seven times for my age group in sprint hurdles and Multi-events. Competing in the pentathlon I was ranked third in the UK for my age group. Currently, I am ranked thirteenth for sprint hurdles for my age group in the UK. My sport has taught me how to plan my time wisely and effectively which I have used as part of my academic studies. My successful athleticism has meant that I have had to balance multiple aspects of my life. This has taught me how to prioritise and manage my time wisely.I have diverse experience; combining a comprehensive school education, a college ethos and various athletic competitions. These experiences have allowed me to meet many different people from a variety of locations around the world, giving me a stereoscopic perception of the world and appreciation of different cultures. This has made me more confident in engaging with different types of people and understanding how their perceptions of the world affect the way they go about their daily lives.I feel that my experiences have shaped me into a hard-working, determined and holistic individual. I am confident that I will engage proactively and energetically whilst completing my degree at University, and I anticipate the challenges that this final year will bring.


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