Growing derived from the Zulu phrase “Umuntu ngumuntu

Growing up in a developing country where everything seems to be forever developing but never gets to it developed stage to draw some inspirations is hard until you encounter one who believes in human capacity building. Tech illiteracy is still common in the part of the country where I was born even though there has been rapid growth in technology. Many young folks who could have the talents or skills needed to support their local community go waste into social vices for the reason of the country’s supportive shelter not stretching over enough. Ubuntu an ancient African philosophy which was derived from the Zulu phrase “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” translates to “A person is a person through other people.” It’s all about community being the building blocks of society.

I have come this far because of people, my mother and cousin especially. Who contributed to my life by giving me inspirational guide and financing my education.Scholarships serve as a motivation to the graduate community to further pursue their studies.

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This is important for young potential leaders as building their career could also contribute to the country’s development.To overcome one of my biggest challenges in career: the cost of graduate studies is the main reason for applying for the OFID scholarship. This would help uplift the financial burden on my mother who has funded my education all the years through her hard-work and perseverance. Giving back to humanity is key to the growth of a country, for it is also another reason applying for this scholarship. Pursuing my masters degree will help me accumulate the knowledge and skills needed to support the Information and Communication Technology development in my country. This would expose me to innovative approaches and groundbreaking concepts to battle the challenges that remain in the era of rapid technological growth in terms of affordability and accessibility.

During my days at Achimota Senior High School, I became passionate about building a career in the field of Information Technology. In order to achieve my educational goals in building this career dream, I took my undergraduate degree in Mathematics because it is the fundamental of computation and engineering sophisticated systems. I became more passionate and determined to help with the technological development of my country the more I learnt about the program. I further enhanced my I.T skills during vacations by taking online courses and learning from friends already in such field. After graduating, I took a year off to serve in the National Service Scheme program for graduates.

I plan to begin my postgraduate studies through the University of Queensland and earn a Maters Degree in Information Technology. Eventually, I hope to be able to earn a PhD over the next five years in this field.


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