Introduction Vodacom (“Communications”). All these operators have

Introduction to the Country

South Africa is the country that is famous by unbelievable diversity in cultural backgrounds and languages.

There are also several official languages; there are a number of ethnic groups; and there are even three legally define capitals which are Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein. This variety of interests, legal bodies, and decisions provide different companies and organizations around the whole world with a change to cooperate with South Africa and offer a number of captivating ideas and suggestions. The citizens of the country are ready to accept the innovations in order to have a choice and rely on their own interests and demands. During the last decade, South Africa proves that it can perform the key role in military, foreign, and international relations.

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Though it has a mixed type of economy, there are many spheres which show good results and achievements, and one of them is the sphere of mobile communication. The evaluation of the mobile communication industry will help to understand the main principles of business development in South Africa and realize whether the services offered by AT&T will be appropriate for the country where the domination of varieties is evident.

Identification of the Leaders in Mobile Communication Industry

There are four current leaders in the sphere of mobile communication; they are MTN, Cell C, and Vodacom (“Communications”). All these operators have their own peculiarities and attract users’ attention by a variety of means.

Still, bundle prices differ considerably. Under the current conditions and the economic challenges which become a real disaster for many organizations, MTN continues offering the best value for South African money. Within a short period of time, this organization plans to become the only leading provider in the chosen country due to the possibilities to combine reasonable prices and quality of work.

The graph offered above demonstrates the overview of prices which are set in three leading providers of South Africa. Though the tariffs are not the lowest in the world, the citizens of the country find it beneficial to use the service offered. As the mobile revolution cannot be stopped, the citizens of such countries like South Africa do not find it necessary to neglect their right to participate in it (Smith).

Development of Business Affairs in South Africa

The point is that South Africa has a huge potential for development of successful business relations with different countries of the continent as well as of the whole world. This country may succeed in investment destination being the main supplier within the emerging market economy. The conditions for the development of relations with the country are favorable indeed: a powerful and stable gateway to Africa, trade reforms, appropriate economic policies, successful legal environment, etc. In order to develop good relations, South Africa has to take care of the conditions under which business communication may take place. It is necessary to consider the ideas of how potential customers or partners want to connect the country, and South Africa should provide more options to choose from.

Of course, it is a good idea to offer several providers to rely on, still, the vast majority of organizations do not have appropriate connections to the world market. This is why the country is in need of proposals to improve their mobile connection with the world and accept different conditions. And AT&T may pay certain attention to South Africa as the country where the services may be offered.

AT&T in South Africa

In fact, it is necessary for the country to be available in a variety of ways, this is why it seems to be beneficial to accept the services offered by AT&T. The company aims at introducing reliable and quality services and products for customers in order to provide them with a chance to be connected with their worlds (“About AT&T in AP and India”). The point is that institutional transitions which are observed in such countries like South Africa “create both huge challenges and tremendous opportunities for domestic and international firms” (Peng 35). AT&T has to evaluate the principles and possibilities available in order to benefit from cooperation with the country. Mobile phone industry has already grown considerably in the country, and cellular communication market may be developed more recognizing competition characteristics and citizens’ demands.


In general, South Africa is one of the countries where the mobile communication industry has to be properly developed within a short period of time. The fact is that economic challenges which touch upon a number of countries around the whole world make all business organizations and company re-evaluate their relations and possibilities and choose some other partners for business. South Africa may become a serious economic and political body to make use of, and the implementation of a new mobile provider will make the country more popular and recognizable on the world arena. This is why it is necessary to think about the methods to make cooperation between AT&T and South Africa real and effective.

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