Grizzly life. However, I can see why they

 Grizzly Bear EndangermentThe Grizzly bear or the North American brown bear is found in North America only. Grizzly bears used to be found from the Arctic Slope to Central Mexico and from the Pacific Coast to Minnesota. In Montana, the bears used to be associated with bison, but when the bison were exterminated they left their main region and went somewhere else. Grizzly bears have seasonal habitats that range in size from 7 square miles to 1,200 square miles depending on how much food there is and distribution. In the spring and fall grizzly bears use low elevation riparian areas such as snow chutes and meadows.

 Higher elevation habitats such as subalpine forests, alpine tundra, and boulder fields are used in the summer, early fall and winter. Mixed shrub fields, grasslands, and timbered side hill parks are used for feeding and resting. Dense timbered habitats are often used for denning and daytime bed sites. In summary, moist open-land habitats along with timbered areas are essential for grizzly bear habitats.I think grizzly bears are very important to the ecosystem and people in habitat areas.

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Grizzly bears are at the top of the ecosystem. Grizzly bears eat herbivores, so if we didn’t have grizzly bears the herbivores would eat all the plants and there would be none left. What the grizzly bear doesn’t eat is left for small scavengers to eat.  Grizzly bears also dig holes, which alters the soil and is good for plant life.  The economy can benefit from the grizzly bear population.

In habitat areas bear watching can be very desirable and profitable.  A flourishing population in an ecosystem tells scientists that that ecosystem is very powerful and it is well provided in food and plant life. However, I can see why they are becoming extinct or threatened to be extinct. Grizzly bears are considered big game and are hunted in the wild.

 It is considered manly and cool to have hunted and killed a grizzly bear.  Many hunters who kill grizzly bears show off their kill by having the bear stuffed, mounted or displayed as a rug.  But they don’t know the consequences of killing grizzly bears. For example, if hunters kill off a whole population in an ecosystem, that ecosystem could slowly vanish due to plant and animal life being altered. Every animal in an ecosystem plays a very important role in the survival of the ecosystem and I think bears are a major part in any ecosystem. Grizzly bears are threatened in parts of the United States and endangered in parts of Canada.

People need to be proactive in preserving wildlife which affects other animals and plant matter. Grizzly bears, as well as other wildlife, help keep our ecosystems balanced and thriving.


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