GRID Foster has developed Software to take shared

GRID COMPUTING 1.INTRODUCTION Grid computing is the collection of computer resources from multiple locations to reach a common goal. The Grid can be thought of as a distributed system with non-interactive workloads that involve a large number of files. Grids are often constructed general purpose gird MIDDLEWARE software libraries.a.HISTORYThe Term grid computing is originated in 1990 by Computer Scientist Ian Foster has developed Software to take shared computers to a global level. b.TYPES OF GRID COMPUTERS     Grid Computers are divided into two types 1.DATA GRID2.CPU SCAVENGING GRID I DATA GRID     It is a system of connected computers which provides many services like assess , transfer and alter large amount of data. It is usually used for data management.II.CPU SCAVENGING GRID   It is also known as cycle scavenging it mainly focuses on computational intensive operation. It is the process to attract the user to connect their computers to grid so that large number of calculations can be done.2.Advantages1.Through grid computers we can solve large and complex within short interval of is easier to collaborate with other organizations.3.the workloads distributed4.No need to buy large six figure SMP servers for applications that can be split up and farmed out to smaller commodity type servers3. Disadvantages 1.Fast internet connection is required between the servers.2.Computers may be affected by Malware virus 3.for memory hungry applications that can’t take advantage of MPI you may be forced to run on a large SMP 4.Grid software and standards are still 4. Methodology of grid computing • Distributed computing• High-throughput computing• On-demand computing• Data-intensive computing• Collaborative computinga.Distributed computingDistributed systems are there which interact and communicate    with other computers by means of passing signals to achieve acommon goal in distributed system problem is divided into many taskseach one of them is solved by one or more computersb.high throughout computingHigh-throughput computing (HTC) is a computer science term to describe the use of many computing resources over long periods of time to accomplish a computational task. demand computing On demand computing is a type of computing in which on as needed andWhen Needed basis it is a type of model in which computing resources Are available on one click d.Data intensive computingit is an application of parallel computing which is majorly used to processed high volume data5. WorkingIn general a grid computing system requiresAt least one server is needed which handles all the dutiesA network of computers is needed A collection of computer software is needed called middlewareWhen grid computing has a large task to performed the program is first Parallelized the program is need to analyzed and module is separated then resend to original machine where they get amalgamated into one  6.Where grid computing is applicable  ?not only computer scientists needs grid computing it is also used inbusinesshospitalseducational institutionsgovernments etc. 7.Real world [email protected]@HOMEWORLD COMPUTING GRID8.AbbreviationsSETI stands for search for extra terrestrial intelligence BIONIC FAH stands for [email protected] stands for global intelligent multimedia [email protected] stands for large hadron collider9. Summary       Grid computers combine computers from multiple administrative domains to reach a common goal or to solve a single task. Grids are a form of distributed computing are composed of many networked loosely coupled computers acting together to perform very large tasks. The term grid computing is first introduced in 1990 by the computer scientist IAN FOSTER. There are further 2 types of grids.1. Data grid2. CPU scavengingData grid is used to access, transfer and alter the large amount of data. CPU scavenging helps to attract the users to connect their computers to the grid for working. It is must be have at least 1 main server which handles all the duties and also distributes all info and tasks to all the connected computers and also a network of computers which are interconnected with each other to distributes the work load. There are many advantages of grid computing like large complex problem can be easily solved through grid computing in a short interval of time. It also helps in easy collaboration with other organizations but it also has its disadvantages like it needs a fast internet connection on low internet connection. It does not work more effectively. Grid computing is only used by computer scientists but also used in business world, in hospitals, in government sectors, in many educational institutions and in many other organizations too.


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