Green The sound produced could also kill birds

Green power is renewable energy
that comes from natural resources such as water, wind, waste, and the sun. Green
power energy is cheaper and it can be used for a longer time. Since its
renewable energy, nobody will have to worry about running out of energy in the
future. This helps protect our planet from damage.

I think that we need to find alternative
friendly energy sources because we are running out of fossil fuels and there
won’t be any more energy in the future. We will never run out of energy if
renewable energy is used because it all comes from natural resources.

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There are different renewable
energy options. There solar power and panels, wind power and wind turbines, hydropower,
geothermal, and biomass. Solar power is energy that comes from the sun. The
light and heat are used to create energy. Wind power is energy created by the wind
which gives energy to buildings. Geothermal energy is energy taken from the
heat stored in the earth. Biomass energy is created by waste, wood, or organic materials
created by plants and animals. All of these energy options are used today but hydropower,
biomass, and wind energy are the most used renewable energy sources.

Solar power, biomass, and
hydropower are viable energy sources for the future. Solar power is good
because the power is taken from the sun and the sun always comes out during the
day. It will last longer and it will help the environment. This is a cheaper and
simple energy source. No waste or emissions will be created and the earth will
become a cleaner place. Biomass energy will always be available. It will reduce
the use of fossil fuels. Hydropower is taken from flowing water so the air won’t
be polluted. The environment will be cleaner. It helps control the supply of
water, irrigation, and flooding. Hydropower is cheaper and faster than using
energy from fossil fuels.

Even though wind energy is good,
it is not a viable energy source for the future because sometimes there isn’t a
lot of wind in some areas. To build the wind turbines some environment will
have to be destroyed which could be harmful to animals. The sound produced could
also kill birds and bats. Geothermal energy is another source of energy that is
not viable for the future. It can affect the land’s stability and the gas could
move to the earth’s surface. They can also cause earthquakes.

Green power could help the world
become a better and cleaner place. There would be less pollution and we would
never run out of renewable energy. This is a cheaper and simpler energy source
that uses natural resources to produce energy.


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