Someone Stephen King describes the complicated circumstances

Someone may say that Green Mile is a great movie that touches upon a number of problems such as inhumanity, the death penalty, lie and crime. At the same time, someone can notice that it is extremely hard to watch such complicated story. Both of them would be agreed on the one statement: Green Mile is a remarkable emotional story that cannot leave one without the emotional response. As for me, although I am not a big fan of such heavy movies, however, it is difficult to overestimate the depth of the events, feelings and motives of human behavior and significance of human life and mercy demonstrated in movie Green Mile. Movie Green Mile based on the story of Stephen King describes the complicated circumstances that may lead to the misunderstanding and tragic consequences. This story takes place in a time of the Great Depression when the pessimistic mood was the major characteristic of human life.

The movie is a story of John Coffey, African-American who is accused of the murder of two girls and has to be punished by the death penalty. However, later it becomes obvious that John is not murder; moreover, he has the specific power to cure people and animals. Nevertheless, the process is started and John is ready to die being tired of the inhumanity. Comparing John Coffey with another prisoner named Wild Bill, it is easy to find the difference between two guys, although both of them should be punished, according to the judgment.

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At the end the audience sees that it is Bill who killed two girls. Why than this movie does not provide the fair end? Here is an interesting fact: the initials of the protagonist are J. C. as Jesus Christ. I suppose that the author of this story wanted to emphasize the unjust treatment with the main hero who was not guilty in a crime but was punished as it happened with Jesus Christ.

It is possible to claim that Green Mile contains a statement against the death penalty as a way of punishment. Somebody can be killed even if he/she is not guilty of the crime, but it is impossible to prove. Moreover, the episode with penalty provides the awful demonstration of such event. Obviously, it is difficult to see the picture of an agonizing death on the electric chair. The author of the story as well as the director of the movie does not say directly about the abrogation of the death penalty; however, the symbolical meaning of this idea is clearly seen thought the movie. Concluding, I want to notice that although this movie is difficult to watch because of its complicated plot and heavy pictures, I think that the main idea of this story is great.

Inhumanity, prejudgment, injustice and disappointment make an audience think about the significance of truth and every second of our life. Humanity is the most powerful weapon against all evil events that occur in society. And people should together try to find the solution of the complicated situations and to keep being kind and charitable in spite of all negative. Great actors play helps movie to be more eloquent and expressive. I think that everybody should watch Green Mile once and reflect about the significance of the human life and mercy.


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