Green remedies have a set of principles to

Green Medicines i.e. herbal and
nature-based remedies to cure a variety of health issues of mankind have been
practiced for centuries. There are evidences of ancient practices for ailments
in various parts of civilization and many of them still prevail either by
documented practice e.g. Ayurveda or by following traditional methods. Such
alternates to modern medical practices provide viable treatment choices to
those who are very sensitive to allopathic medications or can’t afford big
expensive treatments. Very importantly, herbal medications and remedies focus
on treating and preventing root causes of the problems, not just symptoms. Such
medicines require using herbal extracts and plants to provide effective and
safe remedies. Western physicians are beginning to suggest alternative remedies
those are natural too. For instance, options for kidney stones patients are to
try precise medications and observe effects and if it doesn’t cure, go for
surgery. However, it is recognized that lemon is most effective in breaking
down stones. Phytotherapy or herbalism, as it’s also known, is now used
frequently in lieu of Western medicines. Such methods, as mentioned above, date
back to ancient civilization and are still practiced in Ayurvedic and
traditional Chinese medicines. Herbal medicines practice is much older than
Western medication and has quite a few long-standing remedies and treatments
that have lasted for centuries since they work on symptom and actual cause
because plants and herbs contain compounds those balance the body overall.


Herbal treatments range from remedies for
diabetes, cancer, and colds. These methods follow natural healing as the herbal
medication works with the natural self-healing capacities of the body; it
enhances healing to fasten the recovery process. It is worthwhile mentioning
that herbs act as a catalyst to activate glands to balance hormones by
initiating bodily hormone production. The hormones play a role of a signal to
tell your body to increase or reduce respective biological functions. Many
herbal remedies have a set of principles to follow to enhance these hormonal
capabilities to work while curing the root cause. For example, whilst the
individual increasing their lemon water consumption to reduce kidney stones is
treating stones, they also automatically eliminate foods those may allow kidney
stones to be produced.


The underlying principle of green medicines
is to exploit your own body in its recovery. As it turns out, herbs strengthen
your own immune system functioning to build your own body’s defenses naturally.

Building an immunity system that’s stronger while bringing a holistically
regulated diet improves metabolism that leads to optimal absorption of
nutrients from your own diets. Once people begin with such healthy lifestyle,
there comes a natural inclination away from fast or processed food. While
processed food may disturb the body health by interfering with its capability
to take nutrition, good wholesome nutrition improves therapy while
strengthening the body’s overall immunity system. It is also said that Food is
Medicine and green medicines follow exactly the same philosophy


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