Green creating and adopting an environment- friendly

Green computing is nothing
but a coherent technique for computer
usage via an Eco-friendly fashion to reduce the
pernicious side issues of green-house gases on our atmosphere. It encloses
relevance of designing, organizing and formulating sustainable production of energy-
efficacious computing technology and
progressive disposal and recycling system equipment.
On other hand the IT industries are moving towards
a newly emerged computing technique called “Cloud computing” that
replaced the traditional database methodology
to overcome its limitation such as memory and time consumption,
investment over hardware and software framework. But it lags behind in high
power consumption which results in increasing the harmful CO2
content in atmosphere and also affects the marginal profit of the providers.
This paper portraits an idea of formulating the cloud technology concept under
green computing methodology in order to minimize the lopsidedness induced in
the surroundings. Green cloud computing ensures to the best future network which
lay a framework to furnish energy efficient as well as economically sound
system performance. 

World population’s
increasing demand for electricity and over usage of the horsepower leads to
unstable management and frequent power outages, which may cause severe
detriment to both the general public sector and the full-fledged IT industries.
Due to which the public and private sectors are forced to pledge for creating
and adopting an environment- friendly methodology of green computing. The paper
tries to throw light on various algorithms and approaches  proposed by various experts so as to moved
towards power-saving strategies in cloud computing and as well as in achieving
a incentive outcome with its best out-turn. The paper also tries to suggest a
few recommendations and ideas to be applied in quotidian so that we can do
our best in minimizing the threat to our habitat and save the existing limited resources
for forthcoming generations


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