By: the novel Nick tells Gatsby “Your worth

By: amanda sidebottom Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby depicts the harsh corruption and quick judgement that money brings.

Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s neighbor, sees through all of this. Nick behaves as a good neighbor, a good friend, and an unbiased observer. He came from the West and does not have the access to the wealth and corruption of the East. He does not like it and yet he wants to be a part of it.

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Nick proves to be an unbiased narrator by not just seeing one side of the story and taking it as the gospel truth but by “looking through all the windows” before passing judgement. At the end of the novel Nick tells Gatsby “Your worth the whole damn bunch put together!” and he meant it. Nick saw that Gatsby may of thrown his money away just to impress someone but he also had to work hard to earn that money, it has not just been handed to him at birth. When Gatsby tells Nick “Youve got to get somebody for me old sport.

” Nick does his best to. The “friends” he contacted either wanted something they left at Gatsby’s house, or were not interested in coming. He tried to be there for Gatsby, unfortunately, only Gatsby’s father, Henry, Nick, and the reverend attended the funeral. . . . Only one man who gives his name to this book was exempt from my reaction . .

. — Gatsby who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn.” Regardless of this “scorn”, Nick does not hold his past against him.

Or at least, of what people assume his past consists. Once Nick fights through the rumors and sees the truth he realizes that Gatsby is not all that different from himself. In conclusion, Nick Carraway presents the facts and looks at all his options before deciding. Nick changed very much over the course of the novel. At first he looked at one viewpoint but towards the end he realizes its more beneficial to look at all sides. We could learn a lot from this man. Word Count: 348

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