Grand just gets new features added to it

                                                      Grand Theft Auto V   Grand Theft Auto V is the most recent diversion in The Grand Theft Auto arrangement which has extended over 16 years and has presented 15 unique amusements on a wide range of platforms, and the latest being Grand Theft Auto V. This amusement is loved my a great many individuals since this is a diversion in which you can do everything you shouldn’t do, all things considered, things, for example, heavy violence, kill, pack war, burglaries, and medications. GTA V is set in San Andreas Los Santos a city which is loaded with much wrongdoing and debasement. Also, you have a choice of picking 3 characters to explore the game. You can change the character you are playing in the game as many times you want too, This gives a wider choice for the players if they do not enjoy playing just one character. This game additionally is visually satisfying with practically $180 million spent to construct the diversion which makes this the most expensive amusement to make ever.

One very lovely component to involvement in the diversion is the true to life camera setting when you are in a vehicle which utilises numerous points of camera shots in a montage movement of your driving All the games in Grand Theft Auto series are kept the same in style but it just gets new features added to it which keeps people buying the latest series of the game. This game could be same as GTA vice city for some people but with a massively improved graphics and gameplay.   GTA is an awesome case of the vastly developing capacities of amusements plan with authenticity everywhere from landscape to the characters appearances and movement of the trees and grass. You can perceive how far the diversion has come in advance on the off chance that you contrast the primary ever GTA with GTA 5 16years later. The diversion is as yet the same however the gaming simply adjusted over the years in view of mechanical advancements. The map of GTA 5 is extremely big in size and the layout of the world is very realistic and it makes you feel like you are in the game living it. The city and the surrounding meth producing rural environs form the most realistic depiction of the metropolitan area to ever grace a game.

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The whole population lives and breaths, offering colorful slices of life whether you’re creeping through backyards in the dead of night or just wandering down the streets in the middle of the day. You will not ever encounter any window dressing all of the people in the game seem to be present in their own moments, they are not just there to serve as my personal backdrop. The world is so big compared to simple layouts of Vice City but even the more sprawling San Andreas takes only a reasonable amount of time to get to know them, which added to that easy sense of familiarity that turned them into real places in short order. Missions have been laid out impeccably, they have heaps of alternatives in the matter of how you can play them, particularly with regards to the enormous heists that see you are getting ready for the heist and executing employments with the assistance of contracted agents. There are some things that could be improved more such as flying and landing planes, for example, they are still very good but they are not fully enjoyable tasks, but if you look back they have come a very long way since San Andreas. The entire city is layout beautifully and looks very realistic the lighting in the game looks extremely realizing such as when the sunsets and at sunrise, it is very realistic and makes you have a feeling that you are at the moment of the sunset when you are looking at a red and pink sky next to the ocean. during the day its lighting is also set to the correct temperature, it isn’t overly bright or dark in the day, it’s just perfect. Individual asset modeling and texturing in the game is also extremely well done on the team.

The game looks very realizing, I did not find anything that did not look realistic from cars to houses to faces of the characters and to grass and trees, they are all very nice in texture and this all contributes to the aesthetics of the game in keeping it look very realistic.  Also, the animation is very smooth in the game, such as if you compare this game to watchdogs the driving animation was very terrible for me, I did not enjoy getting in the cars in that game but in GTA driving is the most important part of the game and it is very good in animation. It is very smooth and looks very natural, the speeding up and slowing down of the vehicle is realistic and does not feel glitchy or slow, fast turns and corners do not make the animation lag any fast movement you perform in the game is very well handled and it looks very natural in the end. Also, the movement of other people walking around on the streets or running is taken very seriously as they are all given different speeds in animation so they all does not look similar. Another thing to talk about is the animation of the trees and grass in hill areas.

I have found this the best animations out of all the games that i have played, the glass movement with the wind it so natural and smooth, it is not just a patch of grass that does not move, every small bristle moves in smooth motion and looks very realistic. What I think this game could improve upon are the sound and music, I think some of the sounds in the game does not feel very realistic which takes the game away from its aesthetics. such as punching sound sounds very fake and loud where is they could just have a softer sound for the hit which would sound a bit more natural. The aesthetics of the game include fantasy, as some aspects of the game are make-believe, the game is also a narrative because the game is basically a drama which is filled with challenges, Discovery also fits perfectly as an aesthetic for GTA because there are so many things that the player explores while playing the game, GTA is uncharted territory.

  This particular location shown in the photo above is a perfect representation of the game aesthetics. To begin with, this location fits perfectly with discovery as you can see the location is set very high up into the mountains to get there the player would need to drive a lot and get to the top and discover what is waiting for them there. By looking at this location you can also tell that the game is filled with challenges, you would need to pass some challenges to get to the location in the first place and then by looking at the location you can also think that there could be wildlife on the hills which is a challenge for the player to survive. Also, when you look at the character in this photograph you can see he is holding a gun and has tension on his face which clearly shows that there is some sort of a challenge and a story that he followed to be there to complete a task. This is why the game is a narrative as it just plays like a drama, new challenges come up as one finishes and as the story progresses and the whole story unfolds, to get to the end you need to discover and pass through many challenges which range from easy to extremely hard.



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