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Good morning. Since this is the last speech of the day, I don’t want to bore you. You know what they say, ‘make sure you finish off with a bang!’ {set off party popper} So here I am.

Yes, most speeches sound the same, no offence fellow candidates, but this is the part where you enter a generic quote, followed by your passions and future vision for our school. I’m not going lying, mine will also be similar, but we all know, if you talk the talk, it you better walk the walk. I bet you’re all thinking, ‘Oh no!! We’ve heard all this talk, but how do we know if our future captains will actually do this?’ Cliché to say, but you’re in luck.

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I Sarah Mens, will strive to create unity and community in our school. But of course, this is something I cannot achieve on my own. It is a goal we need to complete together. How you ask? Well, first we need to create a strong culture. We can do this by making our school a place where we are able to enjoy

As a said before, I’m not all talk. I can make our dreams into reality. Working as President in Student Voice this year, I have learnt a lot about communication, cooperation, leadership and most importantly, how to lead a team into turning ideas into action. We have already created a community from events such as Taco Tuesday and unifying the school through functions such as the Night of Talent. These are both great events that have helped create a sense of culture in our school, and together we can create many more to unify our school.

Now, as your future School Captain, not only would I like to lead you to success, but I would like to be there as your mentor. I will build relationships with you and not be some distant stranger. I will be someone you can relate with and talk to. Someone to share ideas and listen to your wants. I will work with you to create a school where you will be proud to be a part of. A place where you will feel a sense of belonging and community.


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