Good morning teachers and students as you

Good morning teachers and students as you may or may not know my name is eden Shambrook and I’m running for 2018 school captainI feel I hold all the characteristics of an amazing school captain I strongly believe some of my characteristics are respectful trustworthy and responsible I’ve participated in many school activities such as ict rep student voice hooptime inter school sports expressions district cross country and district athletics this year I was lucky enough to go to divisional cross country It’s a privilege to be able to run for school captain and I realise that being school captain is massive role and I promise I will put the effort into making the school the best it can.

Some of the most important things about being school captain is following the tribes agreements honesty, respect, participation and no put down and I agree to follow all of those agreements. I’m confident I will make an amazing school captain. I will help teachers and students in anyway possible. I will make sure I’m an effective leader that the whole school will look up to.Thank you for listening please vote eden Shambrook

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