Good is ready to tackle any challenges ahead.

Good morning Mdm Tan, Mr Lee, Mr Tan, teachers and all Gessians. I am Sin Jia Xin from class 3D. I am one of the candidates running for Head Prefect this year.

As a leader, I strongly believe in our school values of discipline, respect, integrity and resilience. A leader should have strong principles, is forward-looking, do the right thing and take pride in their work. I believe that my journey as a member of the Prefectorial Board has honed those qualities.

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I have noticed myself becoming a more confident speaker and team player who is ready to tackle any challenges ahead. Being a prefect has given me the opportunity to learn and to grow, to lead and to serve. This is the main reason why I would like to contribute to the school by becoming the Head Prefect.

I have been told that I am a cheerful person with a unique sense of humour and I find it quite fitting. That, combined with my commitment and dedication when comes to carrying out my duties, make me an outgoing and reliable choice.

I would now like to talk about my campaign symbol ?Çô a sunflower. I think it represents me perfectly- cheerful, optimistic and forward-looking. Just imagine a field full of sunflowers, don’t you feel warm and happy just by looking at it?

Sunflowers are always facing the sun, and I too, always look towards a brighter future for our school. You might be surprised to hear that the sunflower is a very adaptable flower. It can thrive even in hostile conditions. In other words, the sunflower embodies the value of being tough and independent. I believe that we can all agree that these are qualities that a good leader should possess. I consider myself strong and independent, and also open-minded, creative and resourceful.

Under my leadership, we can make Gan Eng Seng School a better place for learning, sharing, bonding and growing. I will be there to offer my assistance to any student or teacher who may need it.

Thank you for the opportunity!


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