Good is defines: “Strategic management, eager to reach

Good Strategist The strategy is the ability to identify long-term goals and objectives in the business and toallocate resources to achieve those goals. Taking into consideration the opportunities andthreats in the market, it is the process of determining the strengths and weaknesses of thebusiness and taking and implementing the decisions that will give the business acompetitive advantage. Strategic management is decisions and activities to evaluate and control strategydevelopment, implementation and results. The basic tasks and duties of management do notchange in strategic management, but these responsibilities focus on the externalenvironment. Strategic management coordinates within a hierarchical structure. With the strategy, targetsare set up in the hierarchy of aims within the enterprise prevents the different units andstages from determining independent goals and provides integrity and coordination withinthe enterprise. Concentration of competition as a consequence of globalization, more and more of strategicmanagement is becoming more important. In the field of strategic management John M.

Bryson of important studies the definition is as follows: “Strategic planning can be definedas a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guidewhat an organization… is, what it does, and why it does it “(Bryson, 1988: 5). Another in the field of management researcher, W. Barry, whose strategic management is defines: “Strategic management, eager to reach an organization future, and analyze theprocess of showing how to achieve that target.

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“(Barry, 1986:10) Strategies determine the life span of brands. Brands that do not have a good strategy arebecoming short-lived. It emerges during periods of crisis. Everyone does not know what todo when looking at where the strongest brands of strategies are in the forefront. Good strategists are needed to build a strong strategy. Strategists who are experts in theirfields, provide a very important contribution to the brand.

If brands want to get stronger,gain speed, they have to work with good strategists. What will make a person a successful strategist? What qualities should a good strategisthave? Analysis Analysis is a key component of strategic management as it decides the success.. Theanalysis phase is concerned with gathering as much data and information as possible toachieve the goals and objectives. It should focus on identifying and measuring initiativesthat will help sustainability, strategic use and business growth. The analysis should examinethe internal and external strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that thebusiness will face. Planning The first step in making the strategy is to analyze the data and information provided to makea conscious decision. At the same time you must decide what resources are involved andwhat external resources are needed to complete organizational goals.

The strategy formulaalso includes prioritization issues that the organization may encounter in the future. Once you are prioritized, you can begin to build your strategies to achieve organizational goalslater on. The nature of the business world is so fluid, you would create unexpectedcontingency plans or another plan that could be used if the first strategy failed.

Practicing The practice is to put plans into action. It is difficult to talk extensively in the applicationphase because it is entirely based on the previous steps. However, there is no doubt that ifthe previous steps have been successfully carried out then everything is in order for asuccessful application. You should make sure everyone in the work understands their dutiesand responsibilities in order to achieve organizational goals. At the same time ensure thatadditional funds are available for use. Simplify Although it seems easy to simplify, it is one of the most difficult parts of the business. Youneed to know which parts are unnecessary to simplify. If the part you removed is needed inthe future, you will have made a mistake.

You need to be knowledgeable in order to simplify it. It is a great virtue to be able toseparate unnecessarily with the necessary. The cause of most of the mistakes of the brandsis to be unnecessary with necessity. Because they can not find the right one, they try to doeverything they can, wasting their potential. You must have the courage to abandon it in order to simplify it. It is about what work isdone and what can not be done.

Many brands do not have the courage to give up the causeof not being able to focus. They try to do many things together. Because doing so muchwork is eye catching. You feel you are working harder. But the truth is different. If you do not simplify, you work harder and earn less.

Being able to simplify is an important featurefor a strategist. And this feature is very few people. Knowing the stage Knowing the stage means knowing how it is done, how it is applied. Without knowing theapplication part of the business, your strategy does not make sense.

A strategist who knows the scene can create a more healthy roadmap because it dominatesthe work. She or he can see which points to make mistakes. Because it can see it, it canprevent errors before they go out. That is why a good strategist should be an expert inbusiness. If she or he does not know the stage, her or his strategy is on paper. In fact, manyprojects fail because they are created by people who do not know the field.

Every job has avisible and invisible face. You need to know both sides well in order not to make mistakes. A good strategy can be created by quality strategists. They come to the forefront with bigand strong branding strategies. Thanks to their strategy, they stand out from theircompetitors and make a difference to them. If you have a good strategy, you can see moreclearly ahead. You are effectively using your resources.

Combine pieces It is also important to be able to combine pieces as well as to see the big picture. If you aremanaging a brand, you have to have a grasp of the flow to unite the pieces. You need toknow the parts and the tasks of the parts well. You need to see exactly where the parts canjoin. A good strategist is the master who knows the necessary and unnecessary parts. Also knowshis or her parts very well. And easily unite.

Combining pieces requires the ability to act likean orchestra conductor similarly. You need to be able to create a meaningful melody frommany instruments. In summary, effective and good strategy requires quality of thought, effectivecommunication and discipline, and forms the basis of the success of the organization. GoodStrategist that can do the right job with the right methods and that can make this approachinstitutionalized and sustainable are the companies that can achieve success. Bibliography BARRY, B.W. “Strategic Planning Workbook for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, St.

Paul: AmherstWilder Foundation, 1986. BRYSON, John M. Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass,1988. CAMP, Robert C. Benchmarking -he Search for Industry Best Practices That Lead to SuperiorPerformance, Milwaukee: Quality Press, 1989 


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