“Golf makes Golf better than other sports because

“Golf is boring. Golf isn’t even a sport. ” These are impractical words that come out of the mouths of people who know utterly nothing about the sport itself. Imagine this, standing on the smooth, pillowy grass, the soothing breeze tickling your face, staring at the jaw-dropping view of the swishing and swooshing gargantuan ocean right beneath you, listening to the graceful music created by the delicate chirping of birds, having the best time of your life. Well, you’re playing Golf. The sport that I picked up at the age of 3, the sport that I haven’t been able to let go of after 10 long, hard years, and there is one reason for that. Golf is the greatest sport of all time.Firstly, I believe that Golf is extremely underrated and should be regarded as the greatest sport of all time because of the fact that it is so difficult and varies in so many ways, which is what makes it so interesting and fun. Many people state that golf is extremely boring, but they say this because they haven’t really gotten into golf, and they don’t really know anything about Golf. In the whole world, according to ESPN, there are 34,011 golf courses around the world. Not one is even merely the same. This is what separates Golf from many other sports, and what makes it really unique. Most of the sports around the world, like Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Rugby, are played on basically the same pitches or gyms every time, just in different places around the world. Meanwhile, each and every single course in Golf is different. Each course is set up differently in order to adapt to the different landscapes around the world, and golf architects design each course differently in order to make them challenging and fun for golfers. This really makes Golf better than other sports because there is no other sport with this much variability in the playing field. Adding on, the sea level of the place you are playing in can result in a change in the distance that you hit the ball at, which is also something very special, since you will have to calculate new distances for your shots if you are playing overseas. Next, even if you are only playing on the same course every time, it is not as boring as it seems, because there are still many variations. In the game of Golf, even though putting the white ball into the hole really doesn’t seem that difficult and fun, many things come into play, which make this game so fascinating. The howling winds can blow your ball into sand traps, and even worse, lakes or oceans. Different types of grass like Bermuda, Bent Grass or Zoysia Grass can be the difference between you hitting a good shot or a bad shot, even the thickness and the way it is cut can affect you. Different hardness’ of sand traps, or bunkers, could cause you to zip your ball flying over the hole. Because of these things, no shots can be identical in Golf, so you will always find yourself in different situations which is why Golf is amazing. In Addition, Golf can be played in multiple different ways between you and your friends. You could play stroke play, where the person with the least amount of strokes wins, match play, where each hole is like a new match, and the winner who wins the most amount of holes wins, and many more different spectacular formats. These things are what make Golf head and shoulders above all the other popular sports, and why more people should play.Secondly, Golf is the greatest sport of all time because there are many benefits to golf. First of all, there are countless physical benefits to the game of golf, even though Golf is not really considered a physically challenging sport. According to the sport scientists at PGA Tour, 2 rounds of golf can burn at least 2,800 calories, and research has shown that burning at least 2,500 calories a week can help with many health issues. Burning these calories can lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Also, the long hours of walking can be good cardio exercise, and could really lead to weight loss if you are dieting properly. By breathing in the fresh air and exercising, this could also relieve stress and boost your self-esteem because it is proven by many scientists that exercise can help your body produce endorphins, which are hormones that make your mood better. Adding on, when you are playing Golf, you are in the sun light for four hours, and by absorbing this sunlight, your body will be able to soak up more vitamin D, a vitamin that people often lack in their diets, which will in turn help you sleep better, and help with your overall well being. On the other hand, Golf also has many psychological benefits on the mental side of things. Golf can really help with concentration and focus because you really need to concentrate for the full 4 hours in order to play well, and not break down. You also need the sharp focus and the coordination in order to hit the ball well as you need to use all of your body parts together and with the right amount of power. Golf can also help with visualization, creativity, and also problem solving unlike any other sport because like I mentioned before, you will never have an identical shot in Golf so you will always have to envision and think of a creative way to hit every shot, especially if you are not in an ideal place and you have to think of a way to get out of trouble and use your problem-solving skills. Finally, this shows how even though Golf is a very fun sport to play, you can also get a lot out of playing it that will help you and your everyday life immensely, as you can gain both physical benefits that will help your body out and psychological benefits that will help your brain and your mental side.Lastly, Many people that Golf is only for people who are extremely wealthy, as it costs a lot of money to play. Even Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, and the owner of many golf courses himself, agrees with this, stating in an interview with Fortune: “I feel Golf should be an aspirational game… Let Golf be elitist. Let people work hard to someday be able to play Golf. To afford to play it. They’re trying to teach people who will never be able to play it. Because of the expense of playing, and the land needed, Golf will never be Basketball where all you need is a court.” In these comments, Donald Trump reflects on how he believes that Golf should only be for rich And prestigious people, and how people should work harder in order to afford playing Golf, as ‘it is a sport of business’, which is why one round of Golf at his golf club in Miami costs 390 US dollars. It is also very true that many memberships for golf clubs in Hong Kong are extremely expensive, because trying to become a member at either Hong Kong Golf Club or Clearwater Bay Golf Club can cost up to 5.8 million, or even more, which is an outrageous price. Adding on, expensive golf balls that professionals use with very high technology can cost up to 450 Hong Kong Dollars for a dozen of balls, and a set of the best golf clubs can cost as much as 40,000 Hong Kong Dollars. However, I believe that Golf is not actually only played by very rich people, and it can actually be quite accessible to the average Joe. Firstly, even though these private clubs around the world are very expensive to play at, there are also many public courses around that are much more accessible. For example, there is one public golf course in Hong Kong, called Kau Sai Chau Golf Club, and the prices are much more affordable. Teens who are under the age of 21 can play one round during the weekdays for 310 Hong Kong Dollars. Even though this is not cheap at all, it is very cheap compared to the other private clubs, where one round as a visitor can cost up to 2000 Hong Kong dollars, and Hong Kong things are expensive in general, so it is actually quite a good deal. In the United States, one round of golf at a public Golf course can be much cheaper, as many golf courses offer a twilight rate where you play after 3’o clock in the afternoon, and these rates can go all the way down to 15 US dollars for juniors and 20 dollars for the general public, which is a very good deal for 18 holes. Secondly, instead of buying very good balls that the professionals use and cost a fortune, you could instead opt to buy cheaper balls if you’re not competing, which can cost to as low as about 80 Hong Kong Dollars, or 10 US Dollars, for 18 balls. If you don’t want to be that cheap, but you don’t mind balls that are already used, and quite old, you could also choose to buy second handed balls that have better quality, and those can cost only 7 US dollars per dozen online, which is very cheap, sitting at about 5 Hong Kong dollars per ball.The same goes for Golf Clubs.A whole set of discount Golf clubs online can cost less than 200 US dollars, which is 1600 Hong Kong dollars. This is not actually that expensive, considering soccer balls and basketballs can cost up to 520 Hong Kong dollars or even more, and there are 14 clubs in a whole set. Also, a set of Golf Clubs can last for a lifetime, or at least 10 years, while soccer and basketballs rarely last longer than 1 year. So, even though Golf has an extremely expensive impression on everybody, and people think Golf is not played by people who have average jobs, Golf is actually not that expensive if you are smart about when and where you decide play, and what equipment you buy. However, I would agree that Golf is not the cheapest and most accessible of sports. So, when someone thinks about how Golf has so many small details that makes it so captivating and enjoyable while also being psychologically and physically benefiting to one’s lives, it should be very clear and obvious that Golf is the greatest sport in our current generation. At last, if Golf continues to be simply classified as a boring sport played by old people by the and the generations to come, it will severely reduce the groups of young, aspiring golfers. Because of this, golf courses around the world, especially in Hong Kong, will slowly get annihilated and destroyed into dust by the government in order to provide land for housing and for other things without the interest and dispute from the public. This special creation born in Scotland centuries ago will slowly die away innocently.


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