Going stress because you didn’t have to worry

Going from middle school to high school took some getting used to, but with in time an adjustment was made. Middle school is where students are transforming from children to young adults. High school is when you have reach a major adjustment to where there is no time to play and you must become very serious about the next step. I’m sure that nobody knows what to prepare for we just know to expect change. Both years are very important to any student and determines the next path to our journeys.
Middle school already wasn’t easy so with transferring into high school the challenges only progressed. In middle school you have so much time to make friends but in high school it becomes a lot harder to make time to see friends and spend time with them. In middle school it was less stress because you didn’t have to worry about getting a job and or filling out college applications. When it came to middle school administers were more lenient for work and students attitudes. However, in high school administers were more disciplined when it came to grading work and working with students behavioral issues.


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