Godiva controls a big market all over the

Godiva is a company, which is situated in both Belgium and United States that is involved in the beverage business. Coffee, tea and chocolate are the main products offered by this organization. The company controls a big market all over the world especially in Europe and United States.

Below are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the way the organization is run. One of the strengths of Godiva in Belgium is that it offers pleasure to the consumers of or their products they offer in the market. They offer this pleasure through refinement of their products as well as taste preference that is associated with their products. Among the products that consumers deem refined is the praline, which is especially well appreciated by women. Having refined products maintains the consumers and also attracts others.

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Their chocolates tend to offer consistency in the way they melt in the mouths of consumers. In turn, this makes the consumers to be sensitive of the products they offer. Producing product in a certain consistency means that there is no risk of loss of consumers due to dissatisfaction that may come with changing of the tastes of the products in provision.

The products offered by Godiva are also known to be health-sensitive. They offer a pure product devoid of chemicals, which the consumer always put in mind. Having a product that observes the health of consumers ensures that the consumer develops trust in the product, being offered to them and this acts as a benefit to the organization The company is also in observance of the consumers like in the different regions they sell their products. Since the consumers in the different regions of the world have different tastes and preference, it is always important to know the best way to package their products.

When it comes to the marketing exercise of their products, Godiva aims at reaching an optimum compromise of the automation and hard work. Observance of this means that there is a continuous uniformity of the products the organization produces and they do not fears of losing the market due to inadequate quality taste that might come with changes in the quality of the products. The introduction of the brand to customers in Japan and other countries is advantageous as it increases the revenue for the organization. It is notable that the global brand is similar to the dominant brand in Belgium which acts like the benchmark. It is notable that Godiva has some considerable weaknesses. The following are some of them. Their advertising tendered only to reinforce the aged and grandmothers image in Belgium.

Such a move is not the wisest since the young people are the biggest consumers of chocolates. It would also be better to focus on all groups of people since they offer a universal product. Moreover, much attention is needed to be given to the younger generation since they can offer a market for a longer time than the aged. When it comes to production, Belgium consumer is usually considered as the reference point of the products to be availed to the market.

The fact that their products are meant for global market calls for consideration of all the consumers. Different people from different regions tend to have different tastes and it is only after getting to know their needs that their tastes and preference can be known. In Belgium the brand of Godiva is said to have aged. The cause of the attractiveness loss can be attributed to poor distribution channels found in Belgium. It is notable that the only way to ensure that the organization still commands the market like it used to, it greatly needs to change the approach to ensure that they do not loose market to their competitors.

Another weakness that is in existence has to be the distribution channel where it is notable that there is some weakness with availing the products to the customer. Centralization sometimes is not favorable as it limits the distribution.


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