God created system.Normally family is comprised of mother,

God created system.Normally family is comprised of mother, father and childrens. Childrens should be raised by the two guardians, and we as a whole acknowledge that father and mother have indispensable parts in childhood their kids into potential and helpful individuals to add to social advacement. But here, who plays the most important role? Different people may have different opinions about it, but for me, it is undoubtedly “The Mother”. Surely, everyone know it has to be a united effort of both the parents to raise a family, but still there the mother contributes more than a father. For sure, this bonding with child is mostly due to the mother carrying the child in her womb for a good 9+ months, which attaches both of them emotionally.

A mother has an imperceptible bond with her child, unlike many fathers. She always does her best, to make her family happy. Mothers always sacrifice a lot, for the happiness of her husband and children. She can have a job, and still take care of everything else, from cooking , looking after the children, maintaining the house. Fathers as a rule go to works, and return home for dinner or supper, and that’s usually the case in almost every family.Yes, fathers do think about their childrens, however can’t do numerous things like mothers. When a child is emotionally hurt, or confused, it is the mother he gos to for answer, and to feel good about them. The mother also has a deep emotional attacement with her children unlike the fathers.

We can even see this in nature, in the wild.The males leaves the females after having children to mate with other females.Yes this is harsh , but it is a circle of life. Often this is the case with humans. In the worst case scenario, if there is a divorce between the mother and father, the mother most likely gets the custody of the child.Simply because,everyone knows that a mother will do everything in her power to raise her child in the best possible way she can. They often remarry to have someone as a better father figure to the child, to look after her child. Whereas if a child had a single parent, and it was his father, it would be the opposite, the father would most diffinately marry another women, and they may have kids, and the first child would be neglected, as often this is the case in this harsh world. A mother would never neglect her child, except in special casses if she she is mentally ill etc.But those are rare cases.

So I come to a conclusion, that mothers are most definitely the more important figure in the raising of a family. Yes, some people have a better bond with their father more than their mother,but these situations are rare. But mothers and fathers should try to put their diffrences aside to raise their child the best they can. But even then, parents gets separate. Although a child needs both his parentsto have a good unbringing, the matter can do a better job if single, with her child than the father. She is next to nothing for a child, and this is why we all love out mothers, maybe a bit more than we do our fathers. Be as critical as you can.


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