Goals In preparing for this long journey, I


Five year goals

By 2013, I aspire to have my BSN completed. When five
years have passed, I hope to have my MSN degree as well. I plan to study and
obtain my CCRN-E – Adult Tele-ICU Acute/Critical Care Nursing Certification. By
following the American Association of CriticalCare Nurses guidelines for exam
eligibility, I should be able to complete this goal within 2-3 years (AACN,
n.d.). I will continue to work in the Intensive Care Unit.

Ten year goals

In ten years, I aspire to be a Nurse Practitioner in an
acute care setting taking care of critically ill patients. I plan to attend one
of these three programs (preference listed respectively): Saginaw Valley State
University, University of Michigan, or Michigan State University. In preparing
for this long journey, I have researched each NP program. Saginaw Valley is my
first choice because it is closest to my home, and I have heard great things
about the program from graduates.

The Plan

Currently, I am enrolled in my first semester of the
Ferris State University RN to BSN program. This is the first step I have taken
to advance my degree and improve my practice. After January of 2012, I plan to
take the steps necessary to complete my CCRN-E certification and hope to have
this completed by June 2012. In the spring of 2013, I will have graduated with
my BSN. At that time, I will have chosen a school to start my Masters while
also preparing for my Nurse Practitioner courses.


It is truly eye opening to see how my current nursing
practice compares to the ANA Standards of Professional Nursing Practice. I
excel in some great areas, but there are definitely parts of my nursing care that
can improve. Ultimately, my goal is to give outstanding nursing care and be an
excellent part of the Critical Care healthcare team. To achieve this goal, I
must be open to change and allow myself to grow where I need to. Here’s to
brilliant nursing care: the kind of care I wish to give in my future.


I'm Mary!

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