Globalization is required is a new and

Globalization is one of the latest dominating issues of the everyday ways of life. Thelives of ordinary people everywhere in the world seem increasingly to be shaped by theroles of local-global power dynamics. The global development agenda on the notion ofempowering the local people incorporates this coordination of power dynamics, whichindicates the notion of changing the traditional forms of everyday life. In this process, thewestern development partners promote the economic globalization with their ownagenda, which organized and shaped the standpoints of local people. In this paper, Iexplored the interrelationships between economic globalization and the changing formsof local cultural lifestyles in Bangladesh.

In this process, I chose (1) to pose the topic ofculture in the title as the form of a question; and (2) to define culture in its broadestcontext. I am struck by the dominant presumption in the literature of the inevitability ofglobalization and the inference of its permanence. What is required is a new and inclusiveperspective that has the capacity to embrace a wider domain beyond economics andwhich is driven by the imperative of social justice and the integrity of national cultures.

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