Global Global Warming is the observed century-scale

          Global Warming is a term used to describe the changes in the climate of the Earth but what exactly is “Global Warming”. According to NRDC, ” Global Warming is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate and its related effects”. This increase in the atmosphere’s temperature is the result of growing amounts of greenhouse gases emitted. Humans should be held accountable for the production of these gases using cars, factories, fossil fuels etc. The main product from the stated activities are the root of global warming and they include; methane and carbon dioxide.  As these compounds go farther into the Earth’s atmosphere, they destroy the ozone layer. Holes in the ozone layer allow harmful ultraviolet rays(which under normal circumstances should be deflected by the ozone layer) to make their way to lower levels of the atmosphere.Greenhouse gases take in and give off radiation from the UV rays.

This contributes to the extreme temperature conditions. (“Global Warming Causes”).          Global Warming has had extreme effects on the planet.  “Since the 1800s, the global temperature has been increased by 1-1.5 degrees Fahrenheit”.

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(“Temperature Changes”). This may seem like a small change but it has had devastating effects on the planet’s ecosystem. These changes keep rising rapidly. Arctic ice is vanishing, glaciers are melting and as a result, polar bears, penguins have begun to suffer making them homeless.

Due to the intense heat, the planet is going through, wildfires become more imminent. According to the NOAA,2015 broke the record for the acres of land burned due to wildfires. Over ten million acres of land were burned due to the sixty thousand plus wildfires driving animals and humans away from their homes (“U.S Wildfires”).                                                                                                                                           Animals are not affected by this phenomenon, crops/plants are too. Recent heat waves and natural disasters have been attributed to the climate changes.In Climate Change: Impact on Agriculture and Costs of Adaptation.

Nelson.C.Gerald talks about how extreme weather conditions have negative impacts on the crops making the scarce and hard to produce.

This change leads to foodstuff being more expensive. Crops such as rice, wheat, corn and soy used to feed animals will also have increased prices. Barely crops have been beaten heavily on by the extreme rain. Breweries experience clean water shortages for brewing and so on.          All of these problems have opened the eyes of the people to see their wrongdoings. Measures are being taken to reduce the amount of damage done to the environment. One of the most popular activity is “Going Green”.

This term involves using renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, and water to perform the tasks that fossil fuels were used to do. This change will make the world less carbon-dependent leading to less methane and carbon dioxide being produced.Although these sources of energy do not produce as much power as fossil fuels, they are more sustainable and cause less damage to the environment. Humans are not the only ones who produce methane and other greenhouse gases.

Animals do this too when they go by their body functions and digestive processes(“Cities Offer Incentives to Go Green.” ). Laws are also being passed to control the amount of human activity in the environment. For example, the Kyoto Protocol Law is an effort to combat climate internationally. Created in 1997, the law’s main goal is controlling and reducing the number of greenhouse gases that are released into the air. The law holds the nations accountable for their actions to the environment. “Over 191 countries have signed this treaty the only country left is the United States”(“United Nation Convention On Climate Change”).          In conclusion, Global warming/climate change is a serious issue to the environment and if not addressed quickly enough catastrophic events might follow.

From global treasures such as the Arctic and Glaciers melting to precious animals such as Polar Bears and Penguins becoming endangered and homeless and food crops getting destroyed due to the extreme weather conditions.


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