Setting:Gateshead place is also the first place

Setting:Gateshead Gateshead is were Jane first lived for the first years of her life. In Gateshead she lived with the Reed family who were abusive and didn’t seem to care about Jane. Gateshead is significant because it the first time Jane goes through a period of suffering in her life. It shows that Jane feels trap with people she doesn’t consider family and only people that hate her. She also feels like there is no way out and that she will be stuck there forever. It is also significant because it is the first time Jane can be considered a Christ figure because they both suffer by being abused by people who don’t understand them. It is also significant because she is here in her childhood and being abused in childhood can have impacts on adult life, so it could mean that the abuse will continue into Jane’s adult life. Lowood School Lowood school is the place Jane was sent to go to school because she wanted to Gateshead and because the Reed’s wanted to get rid of her. Lowood is significant because this is the place where Jane is able to learn and grow as a person. She was able to learn how to be an adult and she learned skills to read, draw, and learned a language. This place is also the first place Jane felt wanted and loved by both Helen and Miss Temple. They both care for and like Jane and it seemed to be the first time Jane experience being wanted by others rather than hated. It is also significant because by being at Lowood Jane was able to get life skills that allowed her to become a teacher and get paid for work, which leads her to Adele at Thornfield and gets her a job from St John when she stays with him. In this place she is able to actually have a productive life that leads her to meet new people and go new place, she was able to have a life because of this place. Thornfield/Mr. Rochester’s houseJane first went to Thornfield to teach Adele as a governess. Thornfield is significant because Jane seems to grow the most in her time at Thornfield. She matures and is able to grow as a women.. It is also important because Jane also falls in love for the first time with Mr. Rochester and is able to  feel things she never felt before. She has a close relationship with Mr. Rochester and other living there such as Adele who she cares for deeply. She also experience what it is like to be lied to and hurt by Mr. Rochester.  She develops morals such as not being able to marry someone who is already married no matter how much she loves that person. ANd from this experience she go away from this place to live on her own and live by her own morals. The Moor House Jane goes to the Moor house when she had nothing and is in need of help and when she is there she meets her cousin, St John and his sisters. This place is significant because it gives Jane a fresh start from her past at Thronfrils where she is able to live without being know. Here she gets rich and is able to help her family by giving back some of the money to her family. She is also able to become a teacher because of St John who gives her a job teacher poor girls. She is able to have a new live like she did when she left Gateshead because where she went no one know her. This place is also important because it is cut off from a lot of places and its a place Jane can think about  herself and what she wants. She is able to live on her own without anyone and she is able to provide for herself, in this place she is able to become independent. She doesn’t need to live off anyone else she is able to be who own person for the first time in her live and she able to think for herself and know what she wants. She doesn’t have to do what others want she can do what she wants without feeling pressured.Ferndean Manor Jane first comes here when she wants to go back to Mr. Rochester to find out what has happened to him. This place is significant because Jane gets back with Mr. Rochester after all the things that he has done. This shows that Jane is able to forgive people no matter the things they have done. It is also significant because Jane is more independent so in there new relationship Kane is able to take on a bigger role then she had before and is able to take care of Mr. Rochester who she likes very much. She also experience what it is like to have someone depend on them since Mr. Rochester is now blind and missing an arm. So in a way she has become just as equal as him since now they both have money. Because she is more independent she is able to be more active in her relationship and he is able to feel equal to her partner. HTRLLAP Chapter HTRLLAP Notes Jane Eyre connectionChapter 2 Things in life can be simple or complex, and in novels whenever someone drinks or eat it is most likely communion. It involves coming together, and it can show if characters get along or not. In novels the act of eating or drinking doesn’t have to be holy for it to represent communion. Eating and drinking are a part of everyday life and are required to happens. In a novel, if the meal ends badly it shows a bad sign but if it ends in good terms it shows good signs. This can show a character’s morals and their beliefs and what the character truly believes in.In Jane Eyre Jane rarely ever eats with people. When she lived at Gateshead with the Reeds she rarely ever ate with the family in in some case Mrs. Reed even sent her to eat by herself. This just shows how alone Jane and it also shows who she was in a bad relationship with the Reeds as they never ate or communion together to share a meal, in fact the Reeds never wanted to share with them. Jane being alone can also be seen where she lives with Mr. Rochester and how she never wants to go down and eat at the parties Mr. Rochester has going on. She usually said that she didn’t want to go and she would rather stay with Adele rather then eat with other. It just showed that didn’t have the proper skills to socialize with other because she couldn’t come together to eat with them and be around them. For instance when Jane says, “‘Jane: please God, it is the last meal but one you will eat at Thornfield Hall for a long time.” I sat down near him, but told him I could not eat.” ( Bronte 190). In this quote it is clear to see that even after all her time with Mr. Rochester she is still not willing to share a meal with him which shows she still wants to be alone but also how their relationship is in a bad place because she refuse to eat with him, most likely because she found out he had a wife. She seems not to want to share nor be with anyone based on the way she eats with others and she much prefer to be by herself alone and not socialize with anyone.Chapter 14Christian beliefs affect many different novels, and knowing parts of the Old and New testament can help readers understand novels more. Many things to look out for such as three days or images of hope.Characters don’t have to act like Christ to be Christ figures. Christ figures can be any character in a book, even female, and you can tell they are a Christ figure based on how they act with others, how they grow as a character, and how they suffer in the novel. Authors usually make a character a Christ figure to make a point, they usually do it for some purpose.There are many Christ figures in Jane Eyre. For instance Jane is one because throughout the novel she suffers abuse from her family, suffers because her husband to be already had a wife, and suffers because she is on her own and almost starved to death. But in the end she is able to meet her family from her mother’s side, get rich, and marry the person she loves. She lived through all the suffering being grateful for what she had and in the end she is reward for her patience and good will.  Helens Burns is also a religious figure because she just like Jane suffers but she is also grateful for what she has. She also tries to help Jane and she tries to guide her to the right path. Not to mention that her death helps teach Jane to have faith just like Jesus taught the people around him. Not to mention on her tombstone it says “I shall rise again” ( Bronte 83)  which is what Jesus did after three days he rose again to enter the kingdom of heaven. St. John is also a Christ figure because he is a priest who often help others. He had a school were he taught boys who to grow up to be good and he even went to India to spread the word of God to other people and to help them receive the message and live better lives. And by doing that he died by helping other just as Jesus died helping people receive his father message. Chapter 18 Many characters can get wet in novels but it’s different for every character. Water is used for many different reason such as fulfillment or exploration. Water is a way for characters to be reborn and to be changed or born again like in baptism. It can kill what a person used to be and change them so they are reborn as someone new. It means that when a character gets wet they can become someone new and reborn or it might not mean anything and the character just got wet. Drowning which usually means getting wet can mean that a character die and was reborn and could symbolize baptism or it cold even have a deeper meaning. Many characters in Jane Eyre are reborn again through some form of baptism through water or fire. For instance when Jane meets St. John it is raining outside and it is as when she is starving and near death. But after being taken in by them she is reborn because she no longer need to rely on others and she can do things for herself like make money and live on her on. She became a new person. This can also be seen when Mr. Rochester’s house burns down. Through Mr. Rochester I change physically and reborn again. He is no longer able to care for himself and he needs others around him to do every little thing for him. But as a character he is more caring and feels more equally to those around him. This rebirth makes him suffer but it makes him a better person who can respect others.


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