Getting cut-rejected-or not getting what you want


Rejection is one of the painful experiences an individual especially at the adolescent age has to encounter.

Usually at adolescent stage, children are not only knowing about themselves but also developing socially and economically. Self-esteem is the major attribute a teenager may easily lose while growing up. Personally, when I was in the fourth grade, my parents forced me to join a nearby boarding school but my first experience or relationship with the new students and teachers molded and motivated me into where I am today. Besides being rejected due to poor grades, I was overweight and thus I could not skillfully explore the extracurricular activities, which left me traumatized and lonely. However, how the rejection built my self-esteem, power and future remained my question.

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A grouped research conducted ranked my school the worst in the town. My father opted to enroll me to better performing school as compared to my previous one. However, I never knew my transfer would mark the turning point in my life. The new school had some bright arrogant students mostly from rich families whom teachers, not only favored, but also praised. On the other hand, I was from a low standard school with a poor command of English and overweight when compared to my classmates.

Physical education was one of the extracurricular activities each student had to participate. Moreover, the school administration introduced a new sports game, acrobatics in which every student no matter the size anticipated engaging. Although I weighed about fifty kilograms at only nine years old, I had the urge to participate in the game. Furthermore, I was shorter than the rest of the students. Therefore, I was easily visible during the game.

Unfortunately, the acrobatics instructor disliked me. In fact, she had to scold me all the time due to my poor coordination during the lessons. I had to persevere because it was mandatory for all students to participate in the game.

It was on a Friday afternoon as usual, and all the students from the first grade to fifth had to present to the school the acrobatics to the including the teachers. Due to my nervousness, I missed my coordination. As a result, the instructor bluntly called me a ‘fat stupid pig’ for being both obese and as the worst performer in her class. Consequently, I had to drop out of the game, as she instructed me to make several laps around the playing field everyday to enable me lose my weight.

I obliged but the worst was to come at the end of the term. I was the last in my class upon the release of the examination results, which was humiliating. The games instructor who was also my class mistress openly told me to stop eating the school food because I was only growing fatter and not performing well in class. Tears filled with fear and hatred flowed.

I even contemplated on committing suicide. The belief I was a failure, stupid and a moron: a student with inability to grip anything both in class and outdoor, motivated me to start a new life. The first initiative I took personally was to start eating healthy to cut down my weight. Moreover, I had to accept and appreciate my body to cut down the psychological trauma I was undergoing. On the other hand, I realized my poor personality with other students contributed to my poor class performance.

Miraculously, after coming from my school holiday, I was a bit lean compared to the previous term. The main motivation of changing my life was to put to shame and prove wrong the people especially teachers who viewed me as a failure. To perform better, I keenly watched the best students in my class. Their behavior, movement and reading tactics were worth commending. I even formed a tight bond with one of them. In addition, I decided to quit the acrobatics class by feigning sickness and concentrating on my studies. In the second term, I performed better though not at the top of the class, this accelerated my motivation to become the best in my class.

Finally, in the mid-term exams, I was among the best three students in my class. To my surprise, my class mistress changed my sitting position because she believed I copied my exams from my desk mate. Nevertheless, at the end of the term, I became the best student in my class and even won the favor of some of the teachers. Besides being happy for my achievement, I was delighted for proving wrong my class mistress. Since then, I have never looked back in achieving what my heart desires especially academic wise. Currently, I am a fresh graduate motivated to achieve the best in life. Therefore, rejection is an obstacle or barrier that gives the urge to excel in life. Thus, excellence is my pride.

In summary, every individual has to face rejection at least once in her life but the way he or she handles the situation determines her future. Although I was poor in both class and extracurricular activities, I ended up conquering my obstacles to become a bright, well educated and a healthy individual in my life.


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