Georgia, Georgia got its name from a

Georgia, Also Known as “Peach State” was founded in the year of 1733. In fact Georgia got its name from a former King of Britain, George II, but was actually founded by James Orglethorpe. Georgia  did not become a state until the year of 1788, at first it was considered one of the 13 original colonies.In between the years of 1942-1944 Georgia made history after being the 1st state to enable Citizens 18 years and older to vote, whereas in other states you had to be 21.

Today Georgia is known for the famous Civil Right Activist, Martin Luther King, a man who marched for political change. James Oglethorpe was on the same ship as Francis Moore, who sailed to Georgia in the late 1735’s and arrived February 1736 (“Savannah:Beehive Press”, 1974., pg.96-104).

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 Only three years after the Savannah had been settled, Moore visited and described, it showed progress but it also showed evidence to some problems (“Savanna:beehive Press”, 1974., pg.96-104).  Moore did not stop there, he also described the beauty near and around its landscape very vividly (“Savannah:Beehive Press., 1974., pg.

96-104). Setting in as the oldest city in Georgia, having long and colorful history is what creates the biggest attraction “millions of visitors every year” (“Savannah History”, n. d., para.1).  The Savannah is also known as “The Hostess City of the South”.

Named as the first planned city with 24 original squares and still existing 22 squares (“Savannah History”, n. d., para.2). The Savannah was held from 1778 to 1782 by the British, until the French and American troops reclaimed the land as theirs (“Savannah History”, n. d., para.

3). Despites, its beautiful economy and surroundings, the Savannah has suffered some natural disasters. In 1820, not only did a devastating fire occur but there was an outbreak of yellow fever (“Savannah History”, n. d., para.7). One of the reasons Georgia was settled was to support the English economic policy of mercantilism. (“Colonial period of E.

S”,n.d, para 1). In all actuality people settled in Georgia  for defence, charity, and economics. Many people thought of Georgia as a prison, because people who were in debt would be sent there as a punishment. Georgia enacted the Grandfather Clause, which only allow black males to vote if their grandfather or fathers were eligible to vote in 1867.(E.P.

S ,n.d ,p.4).

Soon after that georgia was one of the first states near the great depression to give the right to women to vote without discrimination of Gender.  Rebecca L. Felton started the petition for women right, back then considered “womens suffrage”.Back in 1906 Jim L. took action when being the first to set boundaries for blacks to go near white, Hes who you call that one person who started segregation in Georgia, “colored and whites” restaraunt, bathrooms, even public telephone booths.

Savannah, Georgia has been around longer than any city in The Peach State.” During the 1960s  and 70s Georgia made significant changes in civil rights, governance, and economic growth focused on Atlanta.(The Struggle of Black Enfranchisment, 2002).

Within that time the University of Georgia made History when they enrolled two black students into their school, shortly there after others began to follow right behind. Right behind University of Georgia was Georgia Tech, they accepted over a couple of black students onto their campus. This was a new beginning for the south in which they bagan calling it “New South


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