Georgia 1920s (“Georgia O’Keeffe.”). “Following numerous solo exhibitions,

Georgia O’Keeffe was one of the most remarkable and successful artists of the 1920s, known by the world for her boldly innovative and appealing arts. She is known by the world for making New York skyscrapers (very important image of American modernity) and colorful flowers (“The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum”).  “O’Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887, and grew up on a farm near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (“The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum”).” The Art Institute of Chicago and Art students league in New York was where O’Keeffe studied before the 1920s  that showed her the techniques of traditional realist painting and the Arthur Wesley Dow that shifted her artistic to realism (“The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum”). In the 1924 after O’Keeffe  mailed some of these highly abstract drawings of her to a photo exhibitor Steglitzer, (later been her husband) in New York City, she became one of the most important and successful artists in the world earning the name “Mother of American modernism” by the mid 1920s (“Georgia O’Keeffe.”). “Following numerous solo exhibitions, O’Keeffe had her first retrospective, Paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe, which opened at the Brooklyn Museum in 1927 (“Georgia O’Keeffe”).”  In 1928 she sold six of her calla lily paintings for $25,000, ranging the largest sum ever paid for a group of paintings by a living American artist at that time (“United States History”). In 1984 falling of eyesight forced O’Keeffe to retire from painting (“Georgia O’Keeffe”). O’Keeffe died in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on March 6, 1986 (“Georgia O’Keeffe”).Georgia O’Keeffe brought the art modernism in American society. Her paintings were appealing and innovating that leads to the name of the mother of American modernism. She was the first female artist to be identified as the mother of American modernism for her creative and successful arts (“Georgia O’Keeffe Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works”).  Becoming the most successful American female artist in the male-dominated world at that was a big achievement that makes her be identified as the feminist icon for this and later generations (“Georgia O’Keeffe”). At that time when women were unexpected and unappreciated to be what they want and to participate in programs that men participate in, Georgia O’keeffe’s strength and confidence lead to the change of how people feel about women. Her successful arts and achievements changed the way people think about women in the 1920s. Being called the Mother of American Modernism illustrates how Georgia O’Keeffe changed the American society, by changing how people feel about women being successful. 


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