Genetic we have proposed a new and effective

Geneticalgorithm studies are studies that show that best new individuals could beobtained at the end of genetic processes by combining this genetic evolutionprocess to the computer environment by being affected by evolution and changein living things.A probabilistic algorithm isone that tries to find the most suitable solution in many possible solutions.In this report,after examining the problem, we have proposed a new and effective methods toimprove genetic algorithm for the problem.So, a new genetic algorithm isdeveloped for the p –median problem with an initial population. Thus, good startingsolutions are obtained and the parents are selected for next the generation.

To show the efficiency of thealgorithm, a computational results were created using the proposed algorithm. Wedid experiments comparing three initial population values.The resultsobtained by changing the initial population size. Number of generated childrenand number of iteration were fixed.

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