GenderizationGenderization- increased reinforcement of pressure to conform

GenderizationGenderization- To make gender-based distinctions within or among.We chose this topic because we wanted to show that there is still gender-roles to this day.When you are young you slowly start to notice that you and your sister have a difference between each other. People have found it very insensitive around genders, what’s expected from boys and girls, who begin their teen years and have “negative” impacts that carry into adulthood. Being hateful showing discrimination towards a certain gender, race or age. We knew some of this already. This shows gender roles can harm both sides. But the Global Early Adolescent Study — which looked at girls and boys between 10-14 years old in 15 countries with varying income levels — found many of these stereotypes are universal, and they become entrenched before 10 years old. ( do women usually live five years longer than men?Our Opinion: Turns out, guys actually do dumb things that are sometimes dangerous.Actual Reason: Are certain colours reserved for one gender or another?At which sports are women considered better than men?Who is a better communicator?Would you rather work for a male or female boss?”The study calls it the hegemonic myth: the perception that men are the dominant sex, strong and independent, while women need to be protected.”This idea starts in early childhood, reinforced by schools, parents and media. Interviews with children and their guardians revealed that the onset of puberty triggers increased reinforcement of pressure to conform to hegemonic sex-typed identities and roles.While boys, men described having the freedom to come and go as they pleased to pursue education and other opportunities, girls found their mobility and access to education restricted, the study notes. As they enter adolescence, silence and modesty are instilled as desirable values, as girls are pressed to behave in a “modest fashion.”


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