that distributes power to some

Gender is structural system(patriarchy) that distributes power to some and disadvantage to others.

Gender influence how we organise all of society and how we distribute power. Society is largely stratified by gender, and this gender stratification is unequal distribution of wealth, power and privilege across gender. Analysis of the interplay of race, class, caste, gender, sexual orientation and other identity which often result in multiple orientation of disadvantage. For example, wages for man workers is more than women worker, but also wages for Dalit women workers are lesser than upper caste women.So, Feminism is support of social equality of all gender, in opposition to patriarchy and sexism. Feminism advocates elimination of gender stratification. Here in this book “Gender and Caste” it mainly talks about the issues of contemporary feminism specifically Dalit women.

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“by using the term Dalit women we are creating an imagined category. This imagining is necessary because we hope Dalit women in near future will give new critical dimension to Indian feminist movement as well as to Dalit movement.” (Vidyut Bhagwat).


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