1.Garage maintenance service where a tech goes around


Garage Door Service Of Stamford Home PageGarage Door Service Of Stamford will exceed your expectations on the garage door services you need. Maintaining every garage door with quality parts helping the life of the door. Providing services to all of the city, commercial and residential. Contact us today if you need garage door help.ProfessionalsTired of hiring the wrong person to do the job? Look no further, our team of professionals are capable on taking on any garage door.

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You don’t want to spend money on poor service and low quality repairs. That would cost you more money in the end. Plus add in the dangers of bad garage door fixes. This could actually get someone hurt which is never a good thing.When you hire us you’ll get professional and fast service every time. Our technicians will have all the right tools to handle any repair.

Your garage door is our number one priority when we’re on the job. Never leaving until it’s complete and safe to use. So you can count on us for any garage door service you need.You Come FirstAll businesses out there should put their customers first. Without the customers our company would not have prospered the way it has. When our techs show up to your property rest assure that they will work around the clock to complete the task. There’s no need to go somewhere else for garage door servicing. Choose us first and all your garage door needs will be answered that same day.

Maintaining Your Garage DoorIf you maintain your garage door with the correct repairs that need to be done will have your garage door lasting for years. We also provide a yearly maintenance service where a tech goes around tightens all screws and brackets and lubricates the moving parts for a smoother job. Some examples of how to maintain your garage door are:Door balancing- if your door isn’t properly balanced, it could close too quickly and hurt someone. It can put too much strain on the other parts causing them to wear down quickly or break.Drum Replacements- the drums help keep the balance of the garage door.

So when these parts start to chip and break, it’s time to replace them.Opener Repairs-the opener is what opens and close the garage door. We’re able to repair any make and model opener out there.Track Alignment-tracks become warped and bent causing the door to have a hard time opening and closing. These tracks guide the garage door as it opens and closes.And many more..

.Keep up with this and your door will operate smoothly. You want to extend the life of your garage door for as long as you possibly can. Security and comfort in your own home is important. Let’s fix your garage door and have it working again.Kinds Of Repairs That Can Cause HarmNot everyone can do the kind of repairs our techs can.

Some of these type can cause serious harm to someone. For expanded your torsion springs have a certain amount of tension that is applied to them which cause the to help lift the door. When a torsion springs isn’t installed proper, all that tension could break the spring causing it to hurt someone that’s near it. Then there’s the balancing of your door.

Many people get hurt when a garage door falls on them. Usually because the door wasn’t properly installed and balanced. You want to be safe and we want it that way also. Contact us and a professional will stop on by and solve those issues. They are trained for these types of jobs and knows how to safely repair them.

InstallationsAll of our new garage doors and their parts come from these manufacturers. These companies put all their efforts into creating masterpieces. Door openers that are one of a kind along with the parts that are made to last. We have the honor everyday being able to use these products. Take a look at some of these manufacturers:Raynor- have been building garage doors and openers since 1944Guardian-is a original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturer of garage door operators and company’s for more than 30 years.

Marantec-they offer some of the innovative and safest garage door openers out there.And much more…You can think of any part in the garage door and we can repair and install it.

These companies have been in this industry for many years providing amazing doors and openers. You’ll definitely feel comfortable knowing these are the products we’ll use for your garage door.StockedThe majority of the time our technicians will have the parts that you need when you need a repair. If there is a problem and the part isn’t available at that time. We can place an order to have it shipped and then replaced right away. Depending on the type of repair it is, is what factors if the part is ready.

No fear though your garage door will be taken care of with perfection.Available To Residential and Commercial There’s no type of garage door or property we can’t handle. If your business needs our help, we’ll be right over. No need to call someone else, our technicians will do whatever it takes to have your commercial garage door up and running. As for homeowners, we understand that a broken garage door isn’t safe for you and your family. So we’re available for any garage door service you may need.Available Same Day and 24/7We offer 24/7 emergency services to those garage doors that are in need of fixing.

Breaks ins happen thousand of times and what better way for someone to get in. Once you have placed that call to us. We can send a technician to you about an hour later. If there is any problems with them getting to you they will call you with a better estimated time. Say there is no emergency, no problem. If we have the part and a available tech we’ll come right over. Sometimes it might be a simple fix and you have the time to have it done. Contact us right away and we’ll get that appointment to come right out.

When you get in contact with our company you’ll get this in return:Professional techniciansQuality products and serviceFast serviceEmergency repairsAmazing and friendly staffSo don’t worry about what time it may be or day and call us today. We have a staff that’s standing by their phones waiting to hear from you. Our skills are ready to be put to the test. Get In Touch With UsWe love this industry and all the people we have met over the years.

Building relationships on trust and loyalty. Quality products we supply our customers with have them coming back to us. Here at Garage Door Service Of Stamford we stand behind every job we put out and make sure our customers are always satisfied.So please don’t wait any longer. Give us a ring today or any day for all your present and future garage door service. Thank you for checking us out!


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