If too expensive, two groups may share such

If it does not have a big playground, one batch may be given time to play in the afternoon while the other can do it at the end of the school day. Games, sports and exercise not only provide physical exercise but also develop qualities such as leadership, team spirit, confidence, sportsman spirit, alertness, planning, perseverance and so on. However, students need guidance and help in selecting and continuing playing a game just like they need guidance for other curricular activities. If left to themselves, many of the benefits of games and sports will be lost since without guidance, the games may be played in a haphazard and disorderly manner. Football, basketball, hockey, badminton, tennis, cricket, volleyball are all examples of good games. However, volleyball provides less physical exercise and is mainly useful for teaching co-operation. Cricket is good for physical exercise and is a specialized game.

At the same time, the principal of the school must ensure that games and sports equipment are available to all students and are maintained in a good condition. If they are too expensive, two groups may share such materials and equipments. Initially, a school may find it difficult to provide sports and games material to all students but within a period of four to five years the system will start working smoothly.

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In order to make students’ participation in games effective, a teacher himself/herself may play with the group and take a keen interest in what is going on rather than standing aside and watching passively. In addition to these Western games, there are some Indian games such as ‘Kho-Kho’ or Hu-tu-tu/Kabbadi which are inexpensive and require less space.


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