GallipoliThe the war, forcing the allies to withdraw.

     GallipoliThe great war had many battles, and many combatants. The battle of gallipoli lasted 8 months, and was one of the main battles in this struggle for power. Today we are going to explore the details of the Gallipoli campaign.The Ottoman empire was founded by Osman I, and had remained neutral at the start of the war. It then abandoned its neutrality on the november of 1914 when russia declared war on them. The Ottoman empire then joined the central powers in the battle. With help from the german empire, the ottomans were given more power in the war. This proved to be a problem to britain.

Soon Australian and New Zealand troops volunteered to fight. These troops were called ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). Some served because they knew they had to protect their country, while others served looking for adventure and to escape from the droughts back home.

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After many casualties in the gallipoli campaign, ANZAC day was formed in Australia and New Zealand to remember the fallen soldiers. While the landings on the peninsula from landships were successes, the casualties were not (most of the casualties being ANZAC troops). The Allies thought the Gallipoli peninsula would be defended lightly. Instead the ottomans built strong defenses, dug trenches, erected barbed wire fences, and built well guarded artillery positions.

They achieved this with help from the germans. Gallipoli Peninsula was a target because Britain was trying to push through to Dardanelles (the Turkish capital). Naval attacks on Dardanelles failed on February 19, and March 18 until finally landing on April 25. Another landing in August at Suvla bay had been successful but with a high casualty rate. The ottoman empire has been able to defend itself from Great Britain and stay in the war, forcing the allies to withdraw. On December 7 1915 the allies evacuated from Gallipoli. A flotilla evacuated troops and their supplies. Unlike the past six gruesome months the evacuation went swimmingly (except for the many soldiers getting frostbite).

Many of the soldiers who survived were just happy to be going back to the safety of their home. The Gallipoli campaign was a gruesome battle and ended in a failure. Many soldiers fell in battle, and we remember those soldiers today.


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