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January 2018

Marky Marx and the Dirty People

            In the original 1848 publication of
the Communist Manifesto, authors Karl Marx and Frederick Engels deliver a
proclamation aimed at both the bourgeoisie, the aristocracy, and the newly
dubbed proletariat, the oppressed working class. Outlining the history of
civilization in the form of class struggle, Marx and Engels propose a
revolution to herald the end of the oppression of the working class.

            The prelude to the manifesto
establishes a story book like tone the publication takes on when the authors
draw a clear line between who lives as the antagonists and protagonists in society:
those being, respectively, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The struggle of
these classes is told to be one that starts at the beginning of recorded
history, taking on the guise of different names and staggered classes, but all
historical struggles reveal themselves to be one of simply, the oppressed
against the oppressor. Marx asserts that class relationships are defined by an
era’s means of production. When means of production progresses, the social
paradigm breaks, ushering a revolution where a new class emerges as the ruling

            Marx argues that the proletariat is
different from other revolutionary classes. Where past classes were relics of a
broken means of production, fighting for a new one, Marx explains the
proletariat is instead the product of modern industry. Capitalism has ceased to
be a viable force of production with a working-class majority that is
cognoscente of their exploitative relationship and a plan to end it. Previous
revolutions reallocated capitol in favor of the ruling class, creating a cycle
of classes born from who was apportioned more spoils of revolution than others.

The Communist revolution posits that after the proletariat seizes power they
are to destroy private capital, thereby abolishing any kind of class system.

            The Communist Manifesto predicts an
inevitable revolution in the current state of society and envisions a plan to
end the veritable parasitic relationship the bourgeoisie has with the proletariat.

A rally cry to the silenced class, Marx and Engel’s Communist Manifesto
attempts to abolish an unjust domination of the working class in their papers
which function as a kind of bill

is ratified only by the fist of the people.









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