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10 August 2001Future Perspective in IntelligenceApproximately two decades from now, a more improved and efficient process for gathering crucial information for the success of a company will be caveat to only generals, their staff, and registered Chief Executive Officers. This will apply to companies that have revenues in excess of three billion dollars. This new technology will bring the latest foreign political, military, economics, and technical information to the intelligence analysis, warning, and operations process. The collection process will cover approximately 7,582,000 publications (by keywords), 1,000 radio stations 8,258 television stations, 13,000 news agencies, 258,5478,856,685 Internet sources, and 9, 000 databases in 466 countries and 277 languages (world wide). A new Military Occupation Specialty will have to be designated to support this new intelligence collection process. It shall be manned 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Transmittal of intelligence will be easier than clicking a mouse. Portals that resemble telephone booths will be mounted in undisclosed positions throughout the US military. The portals will be heavily guarded and missile proof. Once a request for information has been approved through the appropriate chain of command, the process will start in order received. Since the collection process is so powerful and speedy, time sensitive information is not a problem no matter how many requests are ahead of it. The analyst will step in the portal and speak his or her request into the 25-inch LCD monitor.

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Within two minutes your search engine will have queried the above mentioned resources. You will have the option to print screens, send as a secure e-mail, or transmit via encrypted voice message.Depending on the plausibility of the results from the query, we might be able to use cloning to confirm information for the military intelligence cells. The US government will clone people of a potential threat. After the subjects have been cloned, the clone will have two microchips inserted into its brain housing group. One will be the primary collector and the other will be a secondary collector. The microchip will have detailed instructions on what is needed to accomplish the mission.

The clone will record everything that it sees or hears. This intelligence will be relayed in real time to the command center by satellite data links. If the mission is compromised, fails, or even successful the clone will self-destruct by mulching and reverse electromagnetic pulses.

With these new innovations in technology, the United States military will be able to save time, money, and resources. This will allow more time to be spent in other valuable areas of concern, like preserving lives and the ecosystem.Words/ Pages : 451 / 24


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