Future in data security is going to be

Future of Analytics:In future, using analytics wont remain confined to just an industry, everyone would use it, and in every part of life. There will be tools / techniques that will make it so easy to take decisions analytically, that people won’t even realize that they turned into analysts. Examples:In future, Analytics won’t be just an industry specific one, instead it will be part of the business and human life without realizing it. Examples:• Replacing opinions: Google Map uses the real time data and provides the fastest way home without relying on the historical information or opinion.                    • Replacing intuition – People will start watching the movies based on the analytics recommendations instead of going with the traditional approach of deciding it just based on the cast of the movie. That is the power of analytics and the data takes the decision, instead of using incomplete information.• Replacing human decision – Analytics software/App is going to play a major role in the business world by using the big data to take better decisions than the human. One great example is, U.S. retailer (supply chain operations) adopted data and analytics have got up to a 19% increase in operating margin over the last five years.Data Security: The role of human in data security is going to be reduced and whenever there is a threat, analytics based software will detect and protect the data automatically.Social Platform’s Role:The evolution of Social media is, moving to social platforms. It’s a big change to the companies who run the business because they won’t be relying on the traditional way of getting the information. Instead, social platforms will provide a rich information for the business.        Digital Twin: It’s a digital representation of a real entity or system. Digital twins have the potential to significantly improve business decisions. Basically they will be connected to the real world virtually and human can understand the state of the system without the physical existence and this will improve operations and add value. World will implement digital twins and then evolve them over time, improving their ability to collect and visualize the right data, apply the right analytics and rules, and respond effectively to business objectives.AI Foundation: Future systems are going to learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously. This will enhance the decision making, reinventing the business models and ecosystems, and reinvent the user experience.


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