Furniture is cheaper than the regular one

Furniture space saving designs are essential in our daily lives, workplaces, and built to make people live easy, comfortable and relaxed. The effectivity of furniture as a space saver depends on the smart way of collapsing every piece of it such as stacking, collapse, bundling, and folding are the frequent practiced in terms of furniture. Also, by making it easier to fold. Folding chairs can execute in many ways that result in a more appealing furniture. (Li et. al.)
Today’s generation, home furnishing products such as table and chair that are foldable and space saving furniture has become very popular for its main function to save spaces when it’s not in use, are available in the market. The advantage of a space saving furniture is that it is cheaper than the regular one as for the reason it is made of wood. Space saving furniture is transformable which possess much room for innovation in design and its demand on the future market. It is also aesthetically pleasing and resembles a work of art. (Wang, 2013)


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