Functional testing, and cure other than drugs or

Functional Medicine-An Evolution in Medicine PracticesFunctionalmedicine is a boom in the medical field. This new trend will change the oldwestern medicine concepts and provide you with the relevant answers to yourquestions about health and get back to the optimal function. Let’s take alook at what functional medicine is!What is functional medicine?Are you lookingfor a solution to feel more active and energized with less pain? FUNCTIONALMEDICINE is the perfect path to go. This is the future of conventional medicinesystem presently available. It is an enhanced approach, which focuses onrecognizing and addressing the origin of the disease. In this, the whole bodyis considered as one integrated system, rather than a collection of organs thatare segregated by medical specialities. It cures of the whole system, not justthe symptoms.

Functional Medicine reinstates the balance in the body’s primaryphysiological processes with the help of scientific principles, analyticaltesting, and cure other than drugs or surgery. PRIME GOAL: PATIENT’S LIFELONG OPTIMAL HEALTHPrinciple of Functional Medicine·        It is Personalized CureFunctionalMedicine views all people as different individuals; both physiologically and genetically unique. It provides one-on-one personalized cure tothe individual. The personalized cure intends to treat the person, not thedisease. It supports the natural healing process rather than directly attackingthe disease. Here the symptoms act as clues to verifying which body part needssupport.

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·        It is Based on ScienceScience is theonly way to know what is happening inside the body. Functional Medicine isintensively based on science. The most recent research shows that what happensinside the body is linked in a difficult web of relationships. One should needto understand those relationships to see deep into the functioning of the body.Functional Medicine is defining the disease treatment again. ·        It is looking for “the actual” whyFunctionalMedicine is solely concerned with recognizing the root cause of the disease,not the symptoms.

It doesn’t treat the label individual has been given, such asarthritis or headache but look for the reason behind the label. FunctionalMedicine is all about the WHY’S and HOW’S? ·        It’s Never One Size Fits AllThis approach iscustomized to each person individually. Every individual have unique geneticsand different health conditions that took them to their disease state. Thismeans each patient should be provided with different treatments for samedisease according to their body type. But western medicines don’t have time,tools, or training to generate wellness plans required to restore health andfunction.

At this point,Functional Medicine stands out! It is providing the cure for the populationsuffering from chronic diseases. This approach is trying to change theconventional norms of medication to a more comprehensive and therapeuticapproach. ·        Our Body is Self-Regulatory MachineOur body istremendously intelligent. It has the tendency for self-regulation, whicharticulates itself through a dynamic balance of all body systems.

FunctionalMedicine will just design a plan to describe the fundamental cause ofimbalances in the body and help to put a stop to the progression of them. You just need tobelieve that your body has the ability to heal and you can prevent nearly allthe diseases of ageing.In the end,Functional Medicine looks for the root cause associated with any loss offunction, which eventually reveals why the patient has a particulardisease label and makes a plan to resolve the cause with the natural healingprocess.  


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