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Functionalrequirement 1.

1ID:FR001TITLE: Downloadmobile application.DESC: A usershould be able to download the mobile application through either an applicationstore or similar service on the mobile phone. The application should be free todownload.RAT: For a user todownload the mobile application.DEP: NoneFunctionalrequirement 1.2ID:FR002TITLE: Downloadand notify users of new releasesDESC: When anew/updated version or release of the software is released, the user shouldcheck for these manually. The download of the new release should be donethrough the mobile phone in the same way as downloading the mobile application.

RAT: For a user todownload a new/updated release.DEP: FR001Functionalrequirement 1.3ID:FR003TITLE: UserregistrationDESC: Given that auser has downloaded the mobile application, then the user should be able toregister through the mobile application.

The user must provide user-name,password and e-mail address. The user can choose to provide a regularly usedphone number.RAT: For a user toregister on the mobile application.DEP: FR001, FR002Functionalrequirement 1.

31.1    LoginID:FR004TITLE: login asmemberDESC: User shallbe able to login. User can reserve a seat, cancel seat and can make paymentafter loginRAT: For user toLogin.

DEP: FR001, FR002,FR003ID:FR005TITLE:  Profile pageDESC: A usershould have a profile page. On the profile page a user can edit his/herinformation, which includes the password, e-mail address and phone number. A usershould also be able to choose what language the mobile application should beset to.

The different language choices are Swedish, English, Spanish andFrench.RAT: For a user tohave a profile page on the mobile application.DEP: FR004 1.2    Search BusID:FR006TITLE: Search BusDESC:  User shall be able to search bus through astandardized screen. User shall be able to search bus according to destinationand timing.RAT:  To search busDEP: FR004ID:FR007TITLE: Searchresult in a list viewDESC:  Search results can be viewed in a list.·        Eachelement in the list represents a specific bus. Each element should include thebus number, distance according to the user’s position and bus fare.

·        Thereshould be maximally 25 results displayed. If the result contains more busesthan what can be displayed on the screen at one time, the user should be ableto scroll through them.·        Whensearching by destination the buses should be sorted according to the following order1.     destination2.     timing·        Whensearching by a search option, other than destination, buses should be sortedaccording to the following order:1.     timing2.     destination·        Thelist view should include a header with different selectable sorting options·        Thelist view should include a button that, when selected, should display differentfiltering options in a filtering menu.RAT: The wayresults should be displayed in a list.

DEP: FR006ID:FR008TITLE: Search bytimingDESC: A usershould be able to input a departing time. The result is displayed in a listview by default.RAT: For a user tosearch by departing time.DEP: FR006ID:FR009TITLE: Search bydestinationDESC: A usershould be able to input a departing point and destination. The result isdisplayed in a map view by default.RAT: For a user tosearch by destination.

DEP: FR006ID:FR010TITLE: Acceptedinput for time and destination searchDESC:  Integers should be accepted as input when a usersearches by time or destination. If the system receives an invalid input the usershould be informed and prompted to insert an accepted input.RAT: For a user tosearch with valid input.DEP: FR006ID:FR011TITLE: -No matchfoundDESC: If no matchis found the user should be informed but kept on the search page to get thepossibility to conduct a new search right away.RAT: For user toconduct a new search if no match is found.DEP: FR006ID:FR012TITLE: FilteringresultsDESC: When viewingthe results in a list or a map, a user should be able to filter the results ina filtering menu. The filtering options include:1.     Timing2.

     Increasingor decreasing distance3.     DestinationWhen filtering theresults, only the existing results shall be affected, and a new search queryshould not be sent.RAT: For a user tofilter results in a list or a map.DEP: FR0061.3    Multiple UsersIDFR013:TITLE: Multiple UsersDESC: Every online booking needs to be associatedwith an account.

One account cannot be associated with multiple usersRAT: To associateaccount with multiple usersDEP:FR003ID:FR014TITLE:  Check ticket availabilityDESC: User shallbe able to check availability of seat and can make reservation accordingly.RAT:  For a user to check availability of seat.DEP: FR0041.

4    Seat ReservationIDFR015:TITLE: SeatReservationDESC: A user shallbe able to reserve one or multiple seats.RAT: To reserveseatDEP:FR004, FR014IDFR016:TITLE: MandatoryFieldsDESC: System should only allow users to move topayment only when mandatory fields such as date, time, location has beenmentionedRAT: To move topaymentDEP: FR015IDFR0017:TITLE: addingticket to cartDESC: System should enable users to book / pay fortheir tickets only in a timeboxed manner after tickets being added to the cartRAT: To bookticket.DEP: FR002, FR005ID:FR018TITLE: MakepaymentDESC:  Passenger shall be able make payment usingcredit card.

RAT: For a user tomake payment of reserved seatDEP: FR015, FR017,FR016ID:FR019TITLE: ConfirmpaymentDESC: Admin shallbe able to confirm payment after making of payment by.RAT: For a user toconfirm payment of reserved seatDEP: FR018IDFR020:TITLE:Confirmation of BookingDESC: Booking confirmation should be sent to user tothe specified contact details.RAT: To confirmbooking.DEP: FR015, FR019IDFR021:TITLE: PrintTicketDESC: User shall be able to print ticket afterconfirmation of booking.RAT: To printticket.DEP: FR020IDFR022:TITLE: SeatcancellationDESC: A user shallbe able to cancel reserved seats.

RAT: To cancelseatDEP:FR020, FR015ID:FR023TITLE: ReturnpaymentDESC: Paymentshall be returned to customer after cancellation of seat. Admin shall confirmreturn of payment.RAT: To returnpayment to user.DEP: FR0221.5    AdminID:FR024Feature: Create an account, to create anaccount a user should register on the web-portalScenario: Required information for registration. Given the adminwants to create an account and the admin does not have an accountWhen the adminregisters on the web-portal by providinguser-nameAnd passwordAnd addressAnd e-mail addressAnd phone numberThen the adminshould be able to apply for verificationScenario: Full information for registration Given the adminwants to create an account and the admin does not have an account When theadmin registers on the web-portal by providing user name and password andaddress and e-mail address and phone number and mobile number Then the adminshould be able to apply for verificationScenario: Confirmed registration Given the adminhas applied for verification and has not received a confirmation e-mail afterregistration When the admin receives a confirmation e-mail Then the admin ownershould be able to log in.

ID:FR025TITLE: login asadminDESC: admin shallbe able to login through a web portal. there shall be an admin dashboardthrough which admin can manage entire system.Feature: admin log-in to use the systemAdmin Should be logged in to the web-portalScenario: Successful log-in Given the adminwants to log in When the admin logs in with his/her account. Then the adminshould be logged in as a adminScenario: Retrieve password Given the adminwants to log in and has lost the password When the admin enters his/her emailaddress in the “Retrieve password” form and submits the form Then the adminshould receive an email containing the passwordRAT: For admin tologinDEP:  FR024IDFR026:TITLE: UpdateDatabaseDESC: Given theadmin is logged in.

Admin shall be able to update bus schedule, bus fare and destinationdetails.RAT: to updatedatabase.DEP:FR025IDFR027TITLE: DeleteinformationDESC: Given the busowner is logged in, and information exists, admin shall be able to deleteinformation.RAT: To deleteinformationDEP:FR026, FR025ID:FR028Feature: Manage usersTo keep track ofthe users. An administrator Should be able to manage the users Scenario: Edit an existing user’s informationGiven the administratoris logged in When the administrator edits an existing user Then the userinformation should be updatedScenario: Delete/Inactivate an existing userGiven theadministrator is logged in When the administrator deletes an existing user Thenthe user should be deleted


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