From upon receiving the observations about the actual

            From all of the readings and
lectures from the two days of class this week, there are some that stood out to
me far more than the others for a variety of reasons. To start, I would like to
talk about the human atrocities that were recorded by George Weller in Japan
after the destructive atomic blasts that took place in the Japanese cities of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  After bluffing
his way into the war torn country that was Japan at the conclusion of World War
II, Weller took note of many side-effects of the atomic blasts that had never
been recorded before the actual attacks occurred.  Following protocol, Weller sent his observations
up the chain of command in which upon receiving the observations about the
actual consequences of the blast, the United States Government proceeded to
censor and cover up the true consequences of the blast and its effect on the
population of Japan.

            After completing these readings, a
couple things in this section stood out to me. 
First, it is my belief that the United States’ nuclear program could
have never reached that heights that it did in the late twentieth-century that
it did if the American public had known of the true effects of nuclear weapons
and perhaps the outcry and outrage from the people of the United States could
have put a damper on the efforts of the United States Government to push for a
large arsenal of nuclear weapons and by extension, a complete de-escalation of
the crisis that had come to be the Cold War following the end of World War
II.  While this idea is far stretched and
may have gone a lot of different ways, I feel that after completing these
readings and noticing that the United States Government put so much effort into
covering up the observations Weller made, that perhaps in the end, had these
observations made it to the surface or his intended audience. These writings could
have largely changed the course of the Cold War and United States foreign


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