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From the provided scenario, we can observe that Mr. Wu and his family were all affected in different ways. We can see that after the death of Mr. Wu, both Mrs. Wu and her son shown signs of emotional unstableness, which inherits their daily lives. For example, Mrs. Wu no longer pursues her interests, and has lost 10 pounds. Tim also could not accept the lost of his father. It is apparent that assistance should be provided to Mr. Wu’s family in order for them to overcome this psychological obstacle they are currently facing.Therefore,this essay is divided into four major parts, which includes the selected nursing theory and its application to the client and his family. This essay will also be looking into the impacts of this incident on Mr. Wu’s family, as well as measures and resources we should provide to assist the family to cope with the death of the client.Nursing Theory and its Application during the Hospitalization of Mr.WuFirstly, the nursing theory selected is the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Model,which is a designated framework for the learning of living with the one we lost.(Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation, 2010)As Mr. Wu has remained unconscious during the stay in hospital, thus it is believed that Mr.Wu is one of those dying patient and his situation was believed to be not optimistic.Therefore, Mrs. Wu and her son,Tim may be experiencing the first stage in the 5 stages of grief which is the “Denial and Shock” stage, she may at first appear to paralyzed with shock and then refused in believing that her husband is dying.At this moment, as a nurse should show an acknowledgement to her, stating the fact that Mr.Wu’s situation is not stable and there is a chance that he may pass away.After that, Mrs. Wu and Tim may experience the “Anger” stage, this emotion may not have to be valid or reasonable, but Mrs.Wu may blame at anything that may be relative to the Mr.Wu’s situation. Also, those anger may turn into guilt when it turn towards self.At this moment a nurse should appear to be listening actively, after fully comprehending her thoughts, we should state out the fact that what happened to Mr. Wu has happened and there is no turning back.Lastly, Mrs. Wu is going to experience the “Depression” stage, as she started understanding that Mr.Wu may be passing away and this is an empty feeling due to the loss of the beloved one.At this moment, death education and therapeutic communication can be done.As a nurse, showing your acceptance to their sadness and thoughts is important.Also, implementation for Mr. Wu to die peacefully is also  needed, for example, by introducing the inform consent of DNACPR(Do-Not-Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) (Hospital Authority,2016) to Mr.Wu when his situation has worsened and much less likely to survive.The Negative Effect in terms of Psychological and Social Aspects to Mr. Wu’s FamilyUpon receiving the news of the death of Mr. Wu, it dealt considerable amounts of damage on the psychological and mental health of Mr. Wu’s Family, and this would further impact their daily lives and their physical health in the long run.Since Mr. Wu plays the role of a husband, a father and the pillar of the family, once he dies, the structure of the family would collapse, which causes Mrs. Wu to not only needing to deal with the tragedy of losing her significant other, but she also bears the weight and responsibility that her husband once bore. This would implode huge amounts of mental stress on her, and would impact her psychological and social life. As we can see from the scenario, Mrs. Wu no longer pursues her interest and lost faith in the religion that she once believed in. She has always been depressed, and was emotionally unstable, as she always gets angry when Tim asks her out for a trip. It is shown that Mrs. Wu has lost her direction in life, and does not know how to proceed with life from this point. On the social and physical aspect, she also lost 10 pounds and does not care about her physical appearance anymore.As for Tim, he also could not get over the fact that his father is no longer with him, and since his father acts as a role model for Tim, he can no longer rely on his father anymore. The sudden loss of reliance for Tim would cause him to be confused with his life, and as we can see, Tim stated that he wanted his father back, and that he thinks his life is now empty.Strategies of Therapeutic Communication Applied by a Nurse when Communicating with Mrs.Wu and Her Son As both Mrs.Wu and Tim have shown a depressed emotion after Mr.Wu’s death, thus during the communication with them, therapeutic communication skills are needed to lessen their pain due to bereavement. Firstly, as Mrs. Wu has lost her interest including playing tennis and going to church, and she claimed that she has lost the purpose of living without her husband. This shown that Mrs. Wu is seriously distressed after the death of Mr.Wu,therefore, as a nurse, the first thing to do is the Recognition, acknowledgment and acceptance of Mrs. Wu’s thought which stated during the communication, this is an important step to let the patient knows that you are interested and being respectful to their thoughts. Secondly, as Tim shown a depressed emotion due to the loss of his father and it is observed that Tim still hasn’t accept the fact of losing his father.Thus in this case, Offering of self is needed as a nurse, it is important to build up a well-constructed nurse-client relationship under this case, by letting Tim to understand that he is not alone and a  nurse’s willing and unconditional offering of self to assist Tim in meeting his need can further relief Tim’s emotion and further helping him to accept the fact of losing the beloved one as soon as possible. Moreover, Active Listening is always an essential way for both Mrs. Wu and Tim.Not only simply remain silent when listening to their thoughts, but Active Listening also consists of the hearing, processing and purposefully understanding the client’s words, as well as proposing an useful response to them no matter verbally and nonverbally. As a result, providing a supportive tap on their shoulders or giving out useful and relative information to them can then be a powerful help for them to step out of the grief in the foreseeable future.Psychological and Financial Support Resources that Can Be Provided to Mrs.Wu and Her SonIt is believed that Mrs. Wu and her son, Tim, is currently facing both psychological and financial stress due to the loss of Mr. Wu, the breadwinner of the family,thus different aspects of strategies will be provided below.The first type of stress Mrs. Wu and Tim is facing, arguably the most essential one, would be the psychological stress, as Mrs. Wu and Tim may be overflown with sadness and pressure after the loss of their beloved one. Thus it would be best to recommend different Non-Government Organisations for Mrs. Wu and her family, in order to receive proper consulting services in order to help them overcome this tragedy. Some examples include The Comfort Care Concern Group, as well as the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care. These organisations should be able to provide appropriate psychological consultations for them.The second type of stress they would face is financial stress, as Mrs. Wu and Tim have lost their source of income from his husband, they would face a lot of difficulties when handling bills and tuition fee of Tim. So it is believed that financial assistance is required in order to help them overcome the stress that they are facing. Since Mr. Wu is a fireman, he would be considered as a civil service provider, and according to the Hong Kong Government (2017), when a civil servant is killed on duty, several types of benefits would be provided to the family members. A certain amount of money will be granted to the family upon the death of the civil servant in order to help deal with funeral and other expenses.  The surviving family may also retain their departmental quarters until the normal retirement age of the deceased officer as if he had remained alive. In addition, education allowance would also be provided until the age of 19 for the children. Hence, it is suggested that the family should look to apply for such financial support provided by the government, and this would likely help ease the financial stress that Mrs. Wu and her family is facing at the moment.Conclusion:In conclusion, the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Model, also known as The Five Stages of Grief, is selected and applied in taking care of the patient and their family in the given scenario above. The essay above also stated out that after Mr.Wu’s death, various mental health problems like depression symptoms have appeared on Mrs. Wu and social problems like the lowering of self-esteem has also appeared on Tim.Therefore, various strategies based on therapeutic communications for example like Active Listening, Offering of Self and Recognition, acknowledgment and acceptance have suggested during the communication with Mrs.Wu and Tim in order to relieve their sadness and grief. Moreover, different sources of psychological and financial support within the community have also provided above, hoping to cope with the difficulties Mrs.Wu and Tim is facing after losing their beloved one.


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