From is always something new to be learnt.

From a very young age machines always caught my attention,from something as simple as a fan to a plane. The sole purpose for an engineerI believe is to make life easier for the world. Physics & maths have alwaysbeen my favourite subjects, within both fascinating subjects there is alwayssomething new to be learnt.     Since I could remember, cars were the most amazing inventioncreated. At 6 years old Top Gear was a programme I would watch. The amazingsleek designs, the unbelievable speeds of the cars entertained me for hours onend. The improvement in technology and engineering throughout has beenremarkable from Karl Benz to Elon Musk, the fact that cars can run onelectricity with no negative affect to the environment. As the years went by mypassion for mechanical engineering increased with the addition of planes andmany other machines.

When I started helping my father at work, the tools andmachines we used intrigued me, I constantly questioned what each machine didand researched about how they work. I am currently studying Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma inEngineering, from the current units I enjoy CAD because you can make a virtualconstructed model from a blank canvas, using this amazing software I can createwhat I want, from a cylinder to a V12 engine. I find mechanical principlescaptivating because I’m constantly learning what I love, my passion formechanical engineering derived from my love for cars. Currently my project is aremote-control lock for room doors this, my project will help showcase myknowledge in both electrical and mechanical engineering and through thisproject I will overcome problems. I believe I can make a difference to theengineering industry and this course will help me reach that goal.    I have previously worked as a metal fabricator for 2 years.This taught me how certain machines and tools work, for example weldingmachines and it amazed me the fact you can connect multiple pieces of metaltogether by fusion, welding plays a big part in engineering. This job also taughtme a lot of skills like: time management, initiative & independence.

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Morerecently I started working for Manchester United FC as a kiosk assistant. Thecrowds of customers helped teach me teamwork with my fellow colleagues, withthe addition of multitasking and leadership, skills which are very useful inthe engineering sector.When I have time outside my studies, I am a veryenthusiastic sportsperson.  My mainsporting interest’s include basketball, cricket, badminton, squash andfootball, among these sports I played cricket, squash and badminton for my highschool, gold and two bronze medals in tournaments for high schools based inManchester.

I have also completed the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, thisaward required 2 days trekking vast distances by walk and at times where I wasexhausted it helped me with the mentality of never giving up. I enjoy gamingwhen I have the time. I find gaming a gateway away from the real world, itfascinates me on how much better software and CAD has improved over the years.Throughout the years I am proud of the incredibleachievements I have attained. While in high school I got a brown belt inmartial arts, this achievement had taught me discipline, respect and a strongwill. In high school I had won a football charity tournament for the childrenin need charity, this had shown me gratitude for what I have. While in collegeI completed a qualification in first aiding, this has given me one of thebiggest skills of learning how to save a life.It is my hope that a degree from your universitywould assist as a solid base for a successful career in engineering, wherehopefully, I would be involved in the development of new technology for cleanerand more efficient transportation systems.


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