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FROMBASIC SPORTSWEAR TO HIGH FASHION: LIZ CLAIBORNE  Q:         What actions by others in the industrymight be of greatest concern to Chazen? 1.    Liz Claiborne is the largest women’sapparel manufacturer in the world, and Jerome Chazen as the Chairman might havesome concerns with regards to the actions of others in the industry.

Suchaction changed in the customer’s preferences like social, economic, educationaland ethnic factors as time passes because while every entrepreneur around theworld and in every industry it thrives by taking the consumer by surprise andturning their dreams into realities while Liz Claiborne was doing the oppositeand its competitors have become entrenched in a pattern of discountingmerchandises. Moreover, Chazen concerned was to analyze to industry’senvironment and the market economy, the ever-changing fashions trends acrossthe globe and he also cannot consider whether Liz Clairborne strategy willstill continue to remain effective despite rapid changes in the market economyand the fashion industry. Q.        Comment on the internal consistency ofwhat is done strategically at Liz Claiborne.Do goals, strategies, administration, and strategic control seem to be inharmony?  2.    To comment on the internal consistency ofwhat is done strategically at Liz Claiborne and if goals, strategies,administration, strategic control seem in harmony or not, I would then say thatit is in harmony and that goals, management, and strategies are well in controlrather than in conflict because everything seems to be in accordance with whatits senior vice presidents of marketing, Wendy Banks, that the company trulybelieves it was built by the customer. Since its customer-driven planning wasintegral to the company’s success. In addition, its sophisticated computersystem is known as System Updated Retail Feedback (SURF) keeps the company intouch with what fashions trends are the most selling in the market globally.

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Moreover, the administration was harmonized with its goals and strategy becauseDivision heads have made its planning process according to customer’s reactionto particular sales, styles, sizes, and colors of fashions trends in themarket. As well as Liz Claiborne is with harmony and in close contact with itsretailers and has maintained its consistency in the presentation of itsmerchandise as it ensures that their clothing is arranged uniformly accordingto its Lizmap diagram.   Q.     What collective strategy opportunitiesmight exist for Chazen to consider?  3.    The market economy is always changing andLiz Claiborne should always consider the changing industry dynamics and Chazenmight consider some collective strategy opportunities for the company to remainstrong and be where it should be for the next generation to come. Hence, LizClairborne should consider some new strategy opportunities, such as conductinga SWOT analysis for the company to identify various factor both internal andexternal that can be used as a good marketing and management strategy for thecompany, be able to engage to new fashion designs and products that could givethe market and the consumers a better interest, engage in online selling ofproducts to get wider consumers across globe.  References:  Robbins,Stephen P.

Management / Stephen P. Robbins, Mary Coulter. — 11th ed. p. cm.


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