From problems that needed to be solved

From 1890-1972 the government introduced many helpful and intelligent ways to provide for our now incredible aboriginal culture. The society around Australia was devastating before the policies were brought in as a way to move our country forward. Two very special policies and the ones that had the greatest impact upon the rights and freedom of Aboriginal people were integration and Assimilation. Integration was the start of the 1967 referendum and pushed the idea of joining the Indigenous and non-indigenous cultures. Assimilation was before integration and was the first step towards the independence of themselves and to be seen as a “white”.
Integration. This policy was introduced and influenced by the Liberal government of Harold Holt which was the start of the 1967 referendum. The integration policy symbolises the joining of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. This policy was the back end of assimilation as it had failed. The government saw many flaws in previous policies and decided to fix problems that needed to be solved to guarantee a fair and beautiful country. Unfair and broken ways in the society were still present, despite this the integration policy introduced equal rights within the country as a whole which led to improved relationships with the Aboriginal culture and the government. Discussed by Paul Keating, “we non-indigenous Australians should perhaps remind ourselves that Australia once reached our trust.” This quote recognises that Aboriginals were loving and trusting and the white society realized this and began with their attempts to fix the country with policies like integration.


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