The came when I had to start college

The human survival is based on friendship. From the highest authority to the lowest bums living on the streets all of them have experienced in some way or the other one of these different kinds of friendships. We take this friendship for granted because it is something that exists naturally in society and most of us never really have to actually go out into the world looking for a friend. Those of us who have had to live in a foreign country or in new surroundings have learned how important this is in life. My personal realization came when I had to start college in a new country, in different surroundings.

The feeling of loneliness is enough to drive a person to near madness. So in conclusion what I’m trying to say is that we cannot thrive successfully as individuals or as a society without having some form of friendship with other individuals. As children we depend on our parents and see them as our only friends. Life goes on to the next level and we now make friends with people of our own sex because girls are weird’. Then comes the next stage in life, a sheer fascination with this weird’ species that will rule us until a perfectly weird individual comes along.

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So life can be summarized in these three statements. It was a great man, Mark Twain, who once said, “Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with.”There is a freedom from both people to express their opinions to each other in order to strengthen the friendship. It does not matter whether the marriage or friendship is by choice or by force. Any form of friendship is based on the simple rules of honesty and trust. These are understood even before it starts. It is this that makes us human.

They do not want to know about it or they do not understand it enough. This is not how friendship works. It is a system like any other, and whether it is between spouses or parents and children or friends, the same rules will apply. These rules can be summarized by one word – trustworthiness. If you take your friends for granted then the same happens to you, and you don’t realize the true essence of friendship because this friendship is superficial, and is not based on the rules. Another fact to consider is time. Time brings maturity to the relationship, and a better understanding between the members. It may heal wounds or make them more apparent and clear.

All forms of friendships will change with time; some will be strengthened as the members begin to see each other more clearly, and trust each other unconditionally. Unfortunately, this clarification may have the opposite effect and you realize how superficial the friendship truly is. This is why some marriages, that are made too early, end with the same abruptness that they were made. Once again, the time factor is apparent.


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