Freud, unceasing execution of forces. Freud wants to

Freud, an Austrian philosopher, also had a perspicuous view on anthropology.

One theory that Freud explains is the conscious and unconscious state of human minds. The conscious half of the mind does not exactly know what happens in the unconscious half. Actions that people take are motivated by the unconscious half of the mind, without people directly realising that that is happening. Between the conscious half and unconscious half is an unceasing execution of forces. Freud wants to understand what the nature and dynamics of this is. The unconscious half includes the preconscious, which are the dormant thoughts, memories, knowledge and images that can be brought into the conscious half of the mind without a problem, for example, recalling a memory from a holiday.

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The unconscious half also includes painful memories and the subjected wishes. These can be suppressed and blocked. Lastly, the unconscious half includes inherited urges (the natural sexual instincts). These urges cause a blind spot in the consciousness, influencing thinking and actions.

Simply said, people choose to only remember pleasant things, and block the rest out. If I put Freud’s ideas theory into context, it helps to delineate the ignorance and self-centeredness of people. For example, having a nice family dinner is a good memory. You will remember how much fun you had and yummy the steaks had been, but what you do not remember, is the truth behind the farming industry. You do not remember the truth about how those cattle are treated and traumatized before they end up on your plate. Of course people know the truth, but they ignore it, so that they themselves will be happy, giving in to the preconscious and inherited urges. This is self centered. Instead of taking action and, for example, not eating meat, we ignore the pain and trauma we are causing to make ourselves feel better.

I find this unacceptable. Although put into context, Freud’s theory makes sense, I do not completely agree with it. He says that the unconscious part of the brain suppresses and blocks bad memories, but I think it is an active choice of the beholder. Of course people remember bad things, but they choose to ignore it, it is not simply blocked by the mind. It is understandable that people block out these memories, because no one wants to remember painful things on purpose as it will only make them unhappy. But even with this said, it does not excuse them of making bad choices and being self centred.

Freud once said “I have found little that is ‘good’ about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash, no matter whether they publicly subscribe to this or that ethical doctrine or to none at all. That is something that you cannot say aloud, or perhaps even think” in a letter to Oskar Pfister. What Freud means by this is that people do not want to hear when they are wrong. This is a statement confirming the self centeredness and ignorance of people. I agree with what Freud says. I agree that there is little actual goodness in people.

Everything that people do, they have something in mind that benefits them, even if the act seems selfless. For example, people who go and give food to the poor might seem selfless, but even in this act there is selfishness. The selfishness in this example could be so that you might make something even with god, or it might give you a certain status, or might even just make you feel good. Therefore you are still doing it in your own interest. The quote also shows the willing ignorance of people. Freud says that the  ignoring of the lack of good in people is something that is not spoken off. This is because people do not want to hear it. People will feel bad if you say that to them.

It is human nature to not want to feel bad. This seems fairly obvious because no one wants to feel bad if they can help it. This thus shows that ignorance is also an act of selfishness. From Freud’s theory and quote I can conclude that people are by nature self centered, which is fueled by ignorance.


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