Fraud fraud, in both cases general legal elements


Fraud is a crime to gain unfair advantage
by being dishonest. However, depending on the circumstances sometimes making
false statements may also be considered as fraud. Most of the time the intent
of fraud is personally or financially and there are many ways to commit.  Fraud can be seen in two different classes;
Civil fraud and Criminal offence.  

Whether it is a civil or criminal fraud, in
both cases general legal elements are followed to consider the act as fraud:

Misrepresenting important

Having knowledge about the
misrepresentation of the facts.

If the misrepresentation was
made on purpose and with the intent of tricking the victim.

If the victim that was fooled,
believed the misrepresented facts and relied on it.

The misrepresentation caused
damages for the victim.


Plagiarism is a form of fraud and it means
making use of another person’s work, thought or idea and represent it as if it
is one’s own work. The reason that plagiarism is a form of fraud is because, it
is an act that involves stealing someone else’s work and lying about it. The main
examples that are considered as plagiarism:

Copying and pasting text from
any source on the internet or printed materials.

Using someone else’s work
without giving the owner of that work any credit.

Using images, videos and music
that isn’t produced by the person itself in their own work.

It is important to know what plagiarism is
in order to avoid labor theft.


Recognizing fraud has many different ways
since there are many types of different fraud. It is important to know what
type of fraud a person is facing in order to overcome any type of damage and
loss. Fraud, is nowadays most of the time committed trough phones or internet,
where the majority of people spent their time on. In order to recognize fraud
there are common activities to do such as;

Checking online accounts

Using online notifications that
notify the person by certain events.

Knowing the scams.

Being aware by any case of
money requests.

However recognizing plagiarism is more
different, according to the Indiana University there are two types of
plagiarism: word-for-word and paraphrasing. In order to recognize plagiarism it
is important to know in what cases does it occur,

Word-for-word plagiarism occurs
when there is an improper quotation.

Paraphrasing plagiarism occur
when there is an improper paraphrase.

There is no plagiarism when
there are proper quotations and proper paraphrasing.

Recognizing fraud in any form is important
in order to prevent it.



Avoiding fraud is
something that people nowadays have to be aware of in order to protect
themselves. The basic warnings that people should know and not do are;

Sharing any kind of information
through the phone, which includes bank accounts or credit card numbers.

Sending money to people who
request it in exchange for an offer.

Responding and sharing to any
kind of unreliable mail and emails.

Sharing personal information
online is something that part of the people not pay attention to nowadays. It
has a big importance in people’s lives since it can cause any type of loss. It
does not mean that sharing anything can create a danger but it is important to
be sure about the actions online.


Preventing plagiarism is more different
because in this case the person who commits it needs to know how to prevent it.
There are several ways to make sure that the person is not committing




Citing Quotes

Citing yourself



These all have the same purpose and that is
to make sure that the creator of the work is been mentioned. Using other
documents is not wrong but it is important to remake, rewrite them in your own
way which is called paraphrasing. It is important that the person changes it
enough so it is not still plagiarism after it is rewritten. Also it is
necessary to understand that plagiarism is not only using someone else’s work
but also the persons own work.


The consequences
of plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious crime and the consequences
of it can be ethical, professional, personal, and legal. It is not only
affecting the present position of anyone, but it can also effect the persons
future positions. The consequence’s in the professional field and academic
field are similar to each other because it can mostly end a career.

The damage of plagiarism is a damage to a person’s
reputation and finally their career. The damage for university students are
that they can be suspended or expelled, but this is not only the case it will
be also noted in their file which can stop them from entering any university in
the future. The consequences in a professional field is most likely either a
person gets fired or asked to leave their current position. The name of the
plagiarist will be ruined and carrying on in their career is an impossible move
since plagiarism is serious offense in a professional field.



I deal with sources

First of all, it is important to find a
couple different sources about the same topic, because if you start overlapping
with other sources than you can assume that you have the correct information. Also
academic text books help if you are not really sure, and do not trust the information
about it on the internet. After that all the needed sources are collected, it
is really important to take small notes out of the sources that you collected.
Taking notes, will help you to observe the information from the different
sources. However, it is important to keep the notes short as possible like key
words , in order to make it easier for yourself to come up with text and write
the information in your own words. 


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