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Francis Mukendi1) What is your ideal job?My ideal job would be to serve as a bridge between technology and deciders (managers). I would be responsible for collecting, classifying, and analyzing data in a business, and then send them to decision makers (directors) for appropriate decisions, as well as proposing suggestions for future changes.

The job title for this occupation is a Database Administrator. I would be interested in working for retail companies, and Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is one I would work for. The ideal location is North Wales, Pennsylvania.2) What major/s are you considering?My major is Information Technology & Management Information Systems.

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I consider taking two minors: one in accounting, and another in management. IT & MIS is my top interest. This is a mixture of business and technology. Upon completion of this major I will have learned different skills. In fact, I performed some research before I choose this major, and I found that I will gather knowledge in several areas from Business application development to Database systems through Telecommunications protocols & infrastructure, info protection, systems analysis and design, project management.

Database management will be helpful for my occupation (database administrator). Last semester, I was excited about Public speaking. I enjoyed this class, and I have improved my presentation and communication skills. Even though internship/fieldwork is not commanded for this major, I would like to make at least one of them to gain experience before I graduate.3) For my informational interview, I decided to interview my cousin Marcel Thimanga who works as a Database Manager for RAWBANK, Kananga, Democratic Republic of Congo.

While in College, he majored in database management. After he graduated, he began his career as an IT support. While working as an IT support, he kept applying for a Database manager position, and he finally got the position last February. The salary ranges between $2,500 and $4,000.

The stress level for this position is above the average, and one way he slows down is to spend weekends with his fiancée. 4) How will my interests, values, skills, personality traits, and strengths fit my job? According to information in the article “Database Administration Position” published on, Database Administrator job involves solving complex issues, which means attention to detail is crucial in this profession, passion for problem-solving, as well as good communication skills. My learner theme will help me embrace continuous changes of technology. Technology is a field where team work is very important, and I think that my includer theme will help me integrate the work environment quickly.

One of my themes that will help me the most this position would be my Focus theme. It will help me handle complex issues as well as solve problems. 5) Is graduate study and/or additional training required for your chosen occupation? If so, explain what type and how you can increase your chances of being accepted to graduate school. Generally, the bachelor’s degree is enough to obtain this position.

It can be a computer science degree or Management Information Systems degree. However, some employers prefer applicants with a master’s degree in business administration, specifically information systems. In addition, a certificate in MySQL is valuable. I want to get a master’s degree; to increase my chances of being accepted to graduate school, I need to perform well in all my classes to get a good GPA. Next, I need to network with people in my field, which can lead to a recommendation letter.

Finally, I should take advantage of internship, volunteering, and any on-campus event that can help me improve personally as well as professionally.6) Provide a description of at least one activity (such as volunteer work, survival job, internship, etc.) not related to school coursework that could help you to get your ideal job. Even though there are many activities/events that could help me get a job, an internship as a database analyst would probably lead me to my ideal job. In fact, there are many skills that I can master such as develop and maintain, extract, transform, and load data processes, develop tools to help integrate data into day-to-day operations decisions from a variety of sources, gather insights from system data to inform decisions across departments. Some of these skills are required for the Database Administrator position.

In addition, I will receive the experience which can be a key to landing in my ideal job. This activity can be an opportunity for me to network with people in the IT field, which extends my possibilities to end up in a database administrator position. 7) Include your families’ career choices or circumstances that influenced you in your choice of career fields. This choice is 100% mine. My parents wanted me to become a doctor, but I did not agree with them. I was interested in business since I was 11; when I turned 15, my father entrusted me with the management of one of our shops. He realized that I had a passion for business, and he approved my decision to pursue a business administration degree.

More than my passion for business, one thing that motivated me to choose this major is the fast change of technology in business. By the time I graduate, I hope to be able to use my knowledge to grow my parents’ business.8) Sum up and analyze what you have learned from your job and major research and what you plan to do with this information.

This assignment was of great importance to me. After all the researches I have done, I am even more excited about this major than I was when I chose it. I have learned a lot about the skills required, job opportunities, salary range, as well as extracurricular activities related to my major. When I chose this major, I thought that the only position would be Database manager. However, now I know that there are many positions that I can occupy by completing this major.Source:?


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