Francis Key was the writer that scribbled down

Francis Scott Fitzgerald was named after his famous ancestor named Francis Scott Key. Francis Scott Key was the writer that scribbled down the lyrics of the star spangled banner as the American flag was being battered by enemy fire. John Thomas Scopes was “A high school coach and a substitute teacher” (Pierce, Kingston).  He had been charged with violating the Butler Act which prohibited the theory of evolution to be taught in schools. Scopes was the main reason that the Monkey trial actually happened, and that trial forever changed schools. Edward Fitzgerald was the father of F.

Scott Fitzgerald, and a failed entrepreneur. Fitzgerald also drank heavily, just like his son, and ended up relying on his wife’s money to live. The failures of Fitzgerald really influenced the writing of his son. For example, in the book The Great Gatsby, we see how a rich woman, Daisy, is paired with an inherently poor man, Gatsby, just like how Fitzgerald was inherently poor and his wife Mollie was inherently rich. Also, we see that one of the main characters in The Great Gatsby didn’t drink because he saw what it did to people, and that really depicted how Scott Fitzgerald viewed alcohol, but yet he still had trouble with alcoholism.

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Duke Ellington was one of the most influential musicians in United States history. His music was one of the first examples of Jazz. He also became one of the early innovators of orchestra jazz, “Which is a fusion of jazz’s rhythmic and instrumental characteristics with the scale and structure of an orchestra.” He traveled around America, and even in Europe playing his music, and even became an influence in the Harlem Renaissance. Duke Ellington truly was an influence on all of the young musicians of our society today.

One of the most influential events that occurred during the 1920s was the prohibition of alcohol. Many people agreed with the plan to outlaw the making of alcohol, but there was one problem. Many people could not make as much money without Alcohol being sold, so what did they do? They started to run Speakeasies, and to illegally make their own alcohol. Many mobsters such as Al Capone gained power due to the prohibition of alcohol because they could make alcohol and sell it at enormous prices.F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald remind me a lot of Daisy and Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. Both Fitzgerald and Gatsby met their love while they were in the army, and both Zelda and Daisy’s parents didn’t want their little girl to “date” a military boy, but nevertheless, both of the couples end up getting together.

The funny part about Fitzgerald and Zelda’s relationship is why they were engaged Zelda broke off the engagement claiming that she had other suitors. It wasn’t until after his first novel, This side of paradise, that she finally agreed to marry Fitzgerald. During the beginning of their marriage, Zelda embodied what all the women embodied in The Great Gatsby.

One who loved to party and have a good time and Fitzgerald liked that! But their marriage couldn’t have been perfect, right? Underneath all of the crazy party lifestyles were the struggles of the two. Fitzgerald struggled with drinking, and Zelda suffered a mental breakdown and was even admitted to an institution. With all of the medical bills and repercussions of the couple’s crazy lifestyle they had little money, but nevertheless, Fitzgerald was determined to be successful.

He decided to move to Hollywood to further his career where he suddenly died. Zelda died eight years later. Even though the couple had their problems, they were still determined to stay together. They loved each other, and the only thing that could stop that was death.

The Harlem Renaissance was one of the most important periods in American history. People such as Langston Hughes, Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, and Duke Ellington paved the way and set an example for generations to come. People such as these were able to encourage other African Americans to not be afraid to step out and be leaders in the society, and in the world. That is exactly what this world need is quality, headstrong leaders.

Just think, if it wasn’t for these people we wouldn’t have people such as Ben Carson, and Barack Obama doing the things that they are doing, and have done for our country. Our country wouldn’t be what it is without these people. I believe that whenever people look back on the 1920s, these people will be forever remembered as some of the most influential people of that time period. Whenever you think of gangsters or mobsters there are always a few names that immediately pop into your head.

Names such as “Machine Gun Kelly,” or “Baby face Nelson,” but probably the most known of them all is the name Al Capone. For Capone, life moved pretty fast. After he dropped out of high school at the age of fourteen, he met a gangster named Johnny Torrio, who “trained him in the ways of the gangster.” After Torrio retired Capone took his place in Chicago. Capone immediately began to run the other gangs out of the city by sheer determination, and bribery.

One of the biggest things that Capone is known for was Bootlegging whiskey. After the prohibition act went into effect, Capone immediately took action. He sold whiskey from Chicago all the way to New York, which gave him more money than he could shake a stick at. Capone prided himself as being low profiled, well dressed, and unarmed businessman, but whenever you do as many illegal things as Capone did you end up slipping up at one point or another. You see Capone had this habit of losing his temper every once in a while, and he would end up brutally murdering someone in a bar or in some place like that.

But because he had all of cops payed he never got caught, until the president got involved. After the Valentine’s day Massacre, where Capone’s men “took care” of a rival gang, it is said that President Herbert Hoover asked his secretary if they had caught Capone yet, and even said that he wanted him in Jail. Soon after this statement by the president Capone was caught, and sent to jail for his twenty two accounts of tax evasion.

Al Capone did many things that some are unforgivable, but unlike other villains he tried to give back to the society. He considered himself a “Robin Hood” character to the people of Chicago and everywhere that he went. For example, Capone started a program which provided milk for children in Chicago schools to fight a disease called rickets which causes weak bones.

On top of that Capone opened soup kitchens so that jobless families could have a meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These soup kitchens provided jobs for few, but provided health, and hope for many more. Many Italian immigrants, and strangers even saw him as a hero, and a community leader.

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were Italian immigrants that came to America as immigrants. Both men were followers of Luigi Galleani who was a know anarchist at the time. If your like me and have no idea what an archartist is we are in the same boat. An anarchist is someone that believes in using force to “advocate the overthrow capitalism.” Anyways on the afternoon of “April 15, 1920 a paymaster for a shoe company in South Braintree Massachusetts, was shot and killed, along with his guard.” The criminals escaped with “the payroll of the show factory Slater and Morrill,” which contained more than 15,000 dollars. The two killers were described as Italian, who escaped in a car that had “contained several other men” in it.

A few days later both Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested near a garage that the police claimed to have the getaway car inside of it. Even though the two men had concealed weapons, and made false accusations, neither one of them had a criminal record. Nevertheless the two men were arrested and taken into custody. The trail officially began May 21, 1921.The police had claimed that the two had actually fallen into a trap that they had set for the suspects of the murders. But when the police took them into custody and asked them questions they lied, in fear of revealing their radical beliefs, which lead the authorities to think that they had actually committed the crime.

After this, their lawyer changed his way of defending them. He decided to switch from trying to convince the jury that they had not committed the crime, to accusing the authorities for arresting them only because of their beliefs. He “organized public meetings, solicited the support of labor unions, contacted international organizations, initiated new investigations, and distributed tens of thousands of defense pamphlets throughout the United States and the world, and even got the Italian government involved.

” Even after of accusations that Sacco and Vanzetti’s lawyer made against the government, the two men were still found guilty of murder July 14, 1921. There were many attempts to try and save the two men from execution after they were found guilty in 1921, none of which worked, and in 1927 both Sacco and Vanzetti were sentenced to death. By the end of the Sacco and Vanzetti trial it had gained so much national attention, that some people began to actual pull for the two criminals. Especially minorities. They protested the unfairness of the trail, and how the government “treated” them just because they were foreign. The trail all together showed how the American justice system can, and has mismanaged its power, and the American public saw that.

They saw they America was not perfect. In fact it was far from perfect. The Sacco and Vanzetti trial caused American people to realize that it wasn’t always rainbows and lollipops.

Were Sacco and Vanzetti innocent? Were they guilty? There are many theories explaining both sides of the equation, but either way the case this case shows that are sinful and need a Savior who is not sinful, and who is as perfect as perfect can get!


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