Every ultimately render the garment completely unfit for

Every generation is told by the elders that the good old days were the best. But right from the days after the industrialisation and urbanisation, rampant imitation or adulteration of everything is heard of more often by the younger people. Whether it is finished goods or eatables, there is sub-standard stuff everywhere.

Established brands of toothpastes, soaps, creams, blades and even medicines have imitations. In milk, spices, edible oils, tea leaves and flour there is adulteration. The result is that people suffer from many diseases and disorders. Even doctors can not save us, as the medicines and injections are also imitations.

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3. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

This proverb is an important line which helps us in correcting our life course. When our shirt or trousers get torn, we should mend then and there. That way the shirt or trousers can be used for some more time to come.

But if we do not attend to a minor wear and tear, it will ultimately render the garment completely unfit for use. In the same way, a minor repair in the engine at the first detection of a defect, or the plugging of a crack or hole in a boat, the moment it is noticed, will save many a future trouble. That is why it is said, and rightly so, that a stitch in time saves nine.

4. Commerce Courses

The trend to offer Science stream, as we need engineers and physicians, has now changed. With the expansion of business and industries and with the spurt in commercial activities, more production and export of merchandise, the need for commerce and management graduates has increased. Now even students securing distinction marks in Science wish to switch over to B.Com or M.

B.A. courses, so that they may secure a cosy and white collar job in big industrial houses that have come up like a crop of mushrooms after the encouraging financial policies of the government.


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